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Archives of BYD Conference Calls

2021-0331 - Fasten Your Seat Belt - Solo Rant

2021-0328 - Tribulaton Update - Solo Rant

2021-0321 - The Elect - Solo Rant, caller Chris (VA)

2021-0317 - Ark Project Update - Solo Rant

2021-0314 - The Heresy of Christian Pacifism - Solo Rant, caller John (FL)

2021-0310 - Current Events Update - Solo Rant - Callers Luke (MT), Henry (CT), John (WI), Cody (NY)

2021-0307 - Meet Luke, A New Brother - Adam (CA), Susan (FL), Chris (OH), Randy (MI)

2021-0303 - Road Trip Report - Solo Rant

2021-0224 - Exciting Times Isn't It? - Solo Rant - callers Greg (NY), Chris (VA), Henry (CT), John (FL)

2021-0221 - We Never Learn - Solo Rant, Co-Host Adam (CA)

2021-0217 - Open Forum - Stay Positive - Solo Rant

2021-0214 - Welcome Back Mikael from Sweden

2021-0210 - Can You See The Mark Coming? - Solo Rant - Co Host Adam (CA)

2021-0203 - Psychopaths Are In Charge - Solo Rant, co host Adam, caller Henry (CT)

2021-0131 - Round Table with James Lancia - Callers Adam (CA), Gary (CA), Chris (VA)

2021-0124 - Babylon Means Confusion - Solo Rant, co-host Adam (CA), callers Gary (CA), Chris (VA)

2021-0120 - Good Grief - Solo Rant - Adam (CA), Gary (CA), Lane (TX)

2021-0117 - Buckle Up! - Solo Rant - Co Host Adam (CA) - caller Gary (CA)

2021-0113 - Open Forum - Solo Rant - callers Adam (CA), Susan (FL)

2021-0110 - Pastor Bob Returns - Guest Bob Jones (NV)

2021-0106 - History in the Making - Solo Rant, co-host Adam (CA), John (MI), John (WI)

2021-0103 - A New Heaven and a New Earth - Solo Rant - co-host Adam (CA)