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One reflection and then we are done.

The people of the United States have now thrust upon them, the question of negro equality, social, political and religious. How will they decide it? If they decide[Pg 48] it one way, then they will make the sixth cause of invoking God's wrath, once again on the earth. They will begin to discover this approaching wrath:

(1.) By God bringing confusion.

(2.) By his breaking the government into pieces, or fragments, in which the negro will go and settle with those that favor this equality.

(3.) In God pouring out the fire of his wrath, on this portion of them; but in what way, or in what form, none can tell until it comes, only that in severity it will equal in intensity and torture, the destruction of fire burning them up.

(4.) The states or people that favor this equality and amalgamation of the white and black races, God will exterminate.

To make the negro, the political, social and religious equal of the white race by law, by statute and by constitutions, can easily be effected in words; but so to elevate the negro jure divino, is simply impossible. You can not elevate a beast to the level of a son of God-a son of Adam and Eve-but you may depress the sons of Adam and Eve, with their impress of the Almighty, down to the level of a beast.

God has made one for immortality, and the other to perish with the animals of the earth. The antediluvians once made this depression. Will the people of the United States make another, and the last? Yes, they will, for a large majority of the North are unbelievers in the Bible; and this paper will make a large number of their clergy deists and atheists.

A man can not commit so great an offense against his race, against his country, against his God, in any other way, as to give his daughter in marriage to a negro-a beast-or to take one of their females for his wife. As well might he in the sight of God, wed his child to any other beast of forest or of field. This crime can not be expiated-it never has been expiated on earth-and from its nature never can be, and, consequently, never was forgiven by God, and never will be.

The negro is now free. There are but two things on earth, that may be done with him now, and the people and government of this country escape destruction. One or the other God will make you do, or make you accept his punishment, as he made Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Canaanites, before you. You must send him back to Africa or re-enslave him. The former is the best, far the best. Now, which will my countrymen do? I do not say fellow-citizens, as I regard myself but as a sojourner in the land, whose every political duty is now performed by obeying your laws, be they good or bad-not voting, nor assisting others in making your laws. Will my countrymen, in deciding for themselves these questions, remember-will they remember, that the first law of liberty is obedience to God. Without this obedience to the great and noble principles of God, truth, righteousness and justice, there can be no liberty, no peace, no prosperity, no happiness in any earthly government-if these are sacrificed or ignored, God will overturn and keep overturning, until mankind learn his truth, justice and mercy, and conform to them.

To the people of the South, we say, obedience to God is better than all sacrifices. You have sacrificed all your negroes. It was your ancestors, that God made use of to form this noblest of all human governments-no others could do it. Do not be cast down at what has happened, and what is yet to happen-God will yet use you to reinstate and remodel this government, on its just and noble principles and at the proper time. The North can never do it. These are perilous times-the impending decisions will be against you, and against God.

But keep yourselves free from this sin-do not by your acts, nor by your votes, invite the negro equality-if it is forced upon you, as it will be-obey the laws-remembering that God will protect the righteous; and that his truth, like itself, will always be consistent, and like its Author, will be always and forever triumphant. The finger of God is in this. Trust him. The Bible is true.

July, 1840.

December, 1866. ARIEL.

Note 1. Any candid scholar, wishing to address the writer, is informed, that any letter addressed to "Ariel," care of Messrs. Payne, James & Co., Nashville, Tennessee, during this summer and fall (1867), will reach him and command his attention.

Note 2. Some few kinky-headed negroes, have been found embalmed on the Nile, but the inscriptions on their sarcophagii, fully explain who they were, and how they came to be there. They were generally negro traders from the interior of the country, and of much later dates.