Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider’s Name Was Death and Hell Followed Him

By Paul Craig Roberts

I just listened to Obama give Washington’s account of the situation with ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

In Obama’s account, Washington is defeating ISIL in Iraq, but Russia and Assad are defeating the Syrian people in Syria. Obama denounced Russia and the Syrian government—but not ISIL—as barbaric. The message was clear: Washington still intends to overthrow Assad and turn Syria into another Libya and another Iraq, formerly stable and prosperous countries where war now rages continually.

It sickens me to hear the President of the United States lie and construct a false reality, so I turned off the broadcast. I believe it was a press conference, and I am confident that no meaningful questions were asked.

If Helen Thomas were still there, she would ask the Liar-in-Chief what went wrong with Washington’s policy in Iraq. We were promised that a low-cost “cakewalk” war of three or six weeks duration would bring “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. Why is it that 13 years later Iraq is a hellhole of war and destruction?

What happened to the “freedom and democracy?” And the “Cakewalk”?

You can bet your life that no presstitute asked Obama this question.

No one asked the Liar-in-Chief why the Russians and Syrians could clear ISIL out of most of Syria in a couple of months, but Washington has been struggling for several years to clear ISIL out of Iraq. Is it possible that Washington did not want to clear ISIL out of Iraq because Washington intended to use ISIL to clear Assad out of Syria?

No one asked the Liar-in-Chief why Washington sent ISIL to Syria and Iraq in the first place, or why the Syrians and Russians keep finding US weapons In ISIL’s military depots, or why Washington’s allies were funding ISIL by purchasing the oil ISIL is stealing from Iraq.

It seems to be the case that ISIL originated in the mercenaries that Washington organized to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and were sent to Syria to overthrow Assad when the UK Parliament refused to participate in Washington’s invasion of Syria and the Russians put a stop to it.

All of the violence in the Middle East, violence that has consumed countless lives and produced millions of war refugees now overrunning Washington’s NATO vassals in Europe, is 100 percent the fault of Washington, not the fault of ISIL, or Assad, or Russia. Washington and only Washington is to blame.

Washington produced this violence. Where is the question: “Why, Mr. President, did Washington introduce 15 years of massive and ongoing violence into the Middle East and then expect us to believe that it was the fault of someone else?”

If Helen Thomas were there, she would ask the relevent questions. But the pussies that comprise the American press corps are merely an audience that validates the false reality spun by Washington by accepting it without question.

Meanwhile, Moscow and Beijing have understood the message. Washington intends war. The purpose of Washington’s lies is to prepare the insouciant Western peoples for war against the two countries that Washington cannot subjugate except by victory in war.

By faithful vassalage to Washington, Europe is bringing death and destruction to the world.

When an Old Man dies, a library burns to the ground

"War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~George Orwell, 1984



By Pastor Robert W. Record

Nothing is quite so characteristic of our Day and Time as the confusion that reigns among our leaders as they seek to cope with our ever-mounting problems. And this  confusion is what we might expect from all who have taken to walking the way that seems right unto them.  As a nation, we no longer have any authority higher than our own wisdom and counsel. And only too often the policies of our nation are directed by those who control our money -- a people who do not believe in Christian Americanism and who are leading us on a course away from God and righteousness.  Such a thing would not be possible if it were not for the fact that our people have lost the Divine perspective of things, and are themselves given to taking the way that seems right unto them.

Such a way of life is designated in the Bible as the Babylonian system of things. And since the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. (Jer.10:23), such a way can only lead to ever increasing trouble and confusion.

The American people have a national textbook from which they could get light and help that would eliminate their growing confusion. That Book, or course, is the Bible. But the Bible is little read these days, and less understood as to its overall message, even by those who do. This is the reason we have lost the Divine perspective and our nation is floundering along like a blind man who has lost his way. The Psalmist speaks of the Word of God as a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our pathway, but we are manifestly walking without that light today. We are walking rather in the darkness of human, finite reason, or in the light of fable and tradition that is preached from many a pulpit as being light.

Confusion reigns in America and the lands of Christendom today because they have been fed the lie that they are Gentiles, and that the Jews alone are Israel! And since the Bible story centers in Israel and the covenant promises that God made with Abraham and his seed, to mistake the identity of this people, or to ‘spiritualize’ them and apply their promises to a so-called ‘Gentile Church’ can only lead to confusion and spiritual darkness.

The Jews of today are a religious sect classed with Protestants and Catholics. They have not, they are not, and they never will fulfill the prophetic history of the nation of Israel! Yet most of our Fundamentalist and Futurist friends are vainly trying to prove that they have, or will yet fulfill, that prophetic history.  We thus have the blind leading the blind and both are falling into the ditch. What is even more serious is, that the preaching of such fable and tradition makes the Word of God of none effect. Its light not only does not shine on our national pathway, it is hid beneath an avalanche of tradition that is taught as being the Word of God.

Think with me for a moment. The main feature of the Abrahamic Covenant was that of great national development. Not only was Israel to become a great nation, but Abram’s name was changed to Abraham because he was to become the ‘father of many nations’ (Gen.17:4-5). This promise of great national development on the part of the Israel people is reiterated time and again. And in Genesis 48:16-19 we are plainly told that two great nations were to spring from the birthright house of Joseph.

Then too, this national seed of Abraham was to be a blessing to the other peoples and nations. This could only be possible as they w ere living and walking in a covenant relationship to God. Since this was never realized in any of their Old Testament history, then it would have to be fulfilled in this New Covenant period. This means that to be a blessing to the other nations, they would have to be a Christian people. This should not be surprising to any student of the Bible for the New Covenant was to, and made with, the House of Israel. (Jer.31:33 & Matt.26:27-28). What is more, Hosea prophesies that in the place where Israel was called, “Not God’s people,”there they would be called “The sons of the living God.” (Hosea 1:10). And so we could go on.

The point I would make here, is, that none of the national promises made to Israel have ever been fulfilled in the Jews, nor are they about to be, and the end of the age is upon us. Neither have the Jews as a people entered into New Covenant salvation. The fact is, they are the most anti-Christ people in existence today!

To therefore present them as being “God’s chosen people” and heirs to the promises given to Israel, has led to confusion confounded. Yea, it leaves our people perplexed and in darkness with respect to the meaning of the events that are bringing this age to a close.

The great Israel nation as prophesied by Isaiah and Micah, which was to be chief among the nations, is none other than our own United States. The people who came here from England and Western Europe, are the Anglo-Saxons, Nordic and English speaking peoples. What is more, we comprise the people who above all others, have embraced New Covenant salvation. And by every Biblical mark of identification we are the once lost sheep of the house of Israel. It is only as we recognize this fact and get back to God in our national life in keeping with God’s Kingdom purposes, that we will ever be rid of our confusion and begin to solve our mounting problems.


(Originally published in The National Message Ministry-Escondido, CA.)


By Betty Freauf

It seems as though 2018 is the year for financial support for Israel and my postal letter carrier has asked me to contact all the organizations that support the Jews to stop sending all their requests for money because, in addition to the Republican codswallop for similar requests, they are breaking the guy’s back. Over the years I’ve received an occasional request for money from these groups. After my Christian conversion the pastors were telling us that the Jews were the chosen people and we should bless and defend them. (Gen. 12:3) Of course, it is rare we find a pastor that has served in the military and they send their own sons off to Bible school to avoid the military. But then as I grew in knowledge of the New Testament, I learned those who support Israel have never studied nor been taught Heb. 8: 6-13 to learn Jesus is a mediator of a new and better covenant which was established upon better promises and He’s no respecter of certain people (no favorites) except people who accept His son as their Savior (Chosen people). And then, of course, there is Matt. 23:34-39., Rev. 18:21-24 and New Testament ad infinitum.

My first request was on January 29, 2018 from the Jerusalem Prayer Team International and required an urgent reply by February 15th. Then on February 16 and March 2, 2018 movie hero and conservative friend of Israel, Chuck Norris with Americans for Israel wanted money. On March 12 and again on March 22, Jay Alan Sekulow (frequent FOX TV guest) of the American Center for Justice wrote for support of Israel. And then on March 19, he added his name to the Chosen People Ministries and added he is the grandson of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants who are being forced to flee their homes under the growing threat of persecution and told how we must protect the security and sovereignty of our ally, Israel while our own security and sovereignty is in decline. And, finally, on March 30, one last plea for “no shame” Sekulow for Israel. Our money and sacrifice by our military (goyim) has been going on for years in Israel’s proxy wars and yet they want more.


This “Chosen People” is a myth. The Jews must now get into Heaven the same way the rest of us – John 3:3 and Christians should read Titus 1:13-14 and stop believing all these fables and I will now be sending American Center for Justice donations to the “Street Evangelist” Brother Nathanial Kapner who grew up as a Jew but now an Orthodox Christian. On March 16 Pat Boone added his endorsement to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and wanted me to feed an elderly Jewish widow in Israel for only $2.40 during Passover while we have thousands of homeless on our own streets in America.


But then the biggest of all requests arrived in a huge 12” x 10” multi-colored envelope again from the nonprofit organization Jerusalem Prayer Team International telling me Israel is in the crosshairs of a deadly attack asking if I would help defend God’s Chosen People? Inside was a letter from Michael Evans and a “time-sensitive” petition to be opened immediately that explained that Israel is surrounded by radical Islamic enemies intent on her destruction: There are 170,000 rockets and missiles aimed at its cities…terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Fatah…and Iran is determined to become a nuclear power. (Sounds like World War III & Pres. Trump just appointed John Bolton, National Security Advisor) Meanwhile, our own country has been disappearing as we are becoming the world refugee camp.


Meanwhile the March 2018 THE SCHWARZ REPORT says Christians are in the crosshairs and “Two Hundred fifteen million Christians experience high levels of persecution” around the world says Open Door, a human rights organization. On its recently released World Watch List 2018, which ranks the world’s 50 worst nations wherein to be Christian, 3,066 Christians are killed, 1,252 abducted, and 1,020 raped or sexually harassed on account of their faith; 793 churches were attacked or destroyed – most occurrences at the hands of Muslims.


In the letter Michael Evans tells it was more than 30 years ago when he made his first trip to Israel in obedience as a command from God that he did not understand. The only thing he knew for sure was he was to go to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Menachem Begin. In the natural there was no reason to think the leader of the Jewish state was going to meet with an unknown minister of the gospel. And through the direct intervention of God, he met with Mr. Begin’s senior advisor, Reuben Hecht. He said he was tired and jet-lagged and by mistake called him Joseph, even though he knew his name was Reuben. He was shocked…and told me that his father called him Joseph when he blessed him on his deathbed. It was no accident…it was God putting things into motion to change the future of nations.

Reuben arranged for him to meet with Prime Minister Begin. His problem was he still didn’t know what he was supposed to say to him. He walked into his office, and after they exchanged greetings, he asked him why he was there. He had to tell him the truth – that he didn’t know. He told the P.M that God told him to go ahead and meet with him but He didn’t tell him why! Begin laughed. He told his secretary, “Shake hands with him…you have finally met an honest man.” Before he left his office, Prime Minister Begin had him promise to come back and meet with him again when God told him the purpose of the trip.

The next day he read the story in the newspaper about the anniversary of the death of Yonathan Netanyahu who gave his life leading the raid which rescued more than100 Israeli hostages from Palestinian terrorists at the Entebee Airport in Uganda. The Spirit of God moved on his heart, and again he went out to meet a total stranger. He took a taxi to the Netanyahu home and knocked on the door. Benzion Netanyahu opened the door and invited him in. He told him that he had come to express his condolences on the death of his son. Benjamin Netanyahu walked into the room while we were talking and he could immediately tell that his heart was broken. He asked if he could pray for him and he said yes. He said as he prayed, the Spirit of the Lord directed his words and he told that young man (who wasn’t involved in politics at all at the time) that God would bring beauty from the ashes of his despair. He anointed him with oil and prophesied that he would one day be the Prime Minister of Israel.

Benzion Netanyahu didn’t know that his mother was Jewish and that he spoke Hebrew. He apologized to Benjamin in Hebrew for bringing a crazy person into the house! But he wasn’t crazy, he was just being radically obedient to God. When he left their home that day, God told him what He had in mind for him to do. He called Reuben Hecht and asked for another meeting with Mehachem Begin. He went back to his office and told him that he had met the Prime Minister of Israel the day before. He said, “No, you are mistaken. You didn’t meet me yesterday.” Then he said, “Not you..the future Prime Minister of Israel.” He told him about Benjamin Netanyahu and encouraged him to find a place for this young man in his administration. Reuben Hecht met with Benjamin that night and offered him his first government job. None of this would have happened if he had not been obedient to God…even when it didn’t make any sense in the natural. That day when he prophesied over Benjamin Netanyahu, he told him he would serve as Israel’s prime minister twice…and that the second time would be during the most difficult and dangerous days in Israel’s modern history.

He ended his letter to me by saying the prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes and went on to explain all the problems Israel is facing including mass prayers at the Kotel, which is also known as the Western Wall – the holiest site in Israel. This mass prayer vigil took place to stand against the proposal to divide Jerusalem and create an Arab capital in the Old City and, of course, Michael closed with “Please send money.” (Heb. 8:6-13) It should be noted that the WHOLE TEMPLE was destroyed in 70AD (Matt. 24:2) so isn’t it kind of stupid to pray to a stone?


At this point I don’t need to write more about Jerusalem because I have a picture of our President Trump at the Wailing Wall and he stands 100% for Israel in moving the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; however, arriving at the same time of all of the above, I received information from Henry Makow, Ph.D stating there is only one conspiracy.

As an ethic Jew , Henry Makow Ph.D says he is heartsick that a secret faction of “my people” have gone over to Satan, and the majority are either ignorant or indifferent. He says the Satanists have put all Jews in jeopardy. Anti-Semitism could burst into violence and some foresee a civil war and Jews must disown the satanic agenda or face the consequences if there are any. They must stand with their Gentile neighbors and oppose Communism in all its myriad forms.


Then Makow goes on to review Texe Marrs new book, BLOOD COVENANT WITH DESTINY, which says “The Plan of the Jews is to employ the tools of chaos magic- to use deception, lies, craft and magic- to obtain the conquest of the Gentile world and the establishment of a (satanic) Kingdom on earth. Thus the world will eventually be “mended” (repaired or restored) and “made perfect.” Perfect for them, the Jews that is. Far- fetched but it explains much of what is happening today.


It was ironic (God’s leading) I was reading this information from Michael Evans after I’d just spent watching an hour of Dr. Phil who had a lady on his show the day before plus today (Feb. 9) who was certain she is the wife of Tyler Perry, who Dr. Phil said was a good friend of his and he knew that Tyler had a long time relationship with another woman and they had a child together. (Tyler was born 9/14/1969 and established a successful career as a writer, director and producer for stage and television.)

It seems for three years after her divorce she’s been on the Internet with some “catfish” who was ever so gradually cleaning out her retirement. I thought in the first show she was either an employee or a former employee of Homeland Security. Her daughters knew she was being scammed and had given $100,000 to Tyler Perry’s Philanthropy Foundation. She was sure she was married to him and how he had harvested some eggs from her body and put them in a surrogate so they had children. She even went to his house in a gated community but got turned away because she brought a friend with her. She said she only came on the Dr. Phil show to meet Tyler. Believe me, it was mass confusion and I had to hold my nose for the second hour.

She repeated several times she was an anointed woman of God, she didn’t drink alcohol, smoke, etc. and then mentioned a long list of her Christian credentials. Dr. Phil assured her he, too, is a Christian Baptist but finally had to tell her to quit filibustering.

Anyway, to make a long story short, at the end she still believed she was married to Tyler even though Dr. Phil had identified a Nigerian scammer as well as someone from Uganda. For the first time in Dr. Phil’s T.V. history, he finally gave up but in the best interest of his guest, he asked two things of her: One to stop sending money to the Foundation without a signature of one of her daughters and that she’d stay off the Internet for 30 days. That was about the best help he could give her as he shook hands with her and the two daughters who had contacted Dr. Phil, walked off the stage, grabbed his wife’s hand as he does after every program and the two of them exited the studio.

And then, I went to my computer and there someone had sent me something which caused me to break out laughing. God was moving again. It seems a female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man who had been going to the Western Wall to pray, twice a day, every day, for a long, long time. So she went to check it out. She went to the Western Wall and there he was, walking slowly up to the holy site.

She watched him pray and after about 45 minutes, when he turned to leave, using a cane and moving very slowly, she approached him for an interview.

“Pardon me, sir, I’m Rebecca Smith from CNN. What’s your name?”

“Morris Feinberg,” He replied. “

“Sir, how long have you been coming to the Western Wall and praying?”

“For about 60 years.”

“60 years! That’s amazing! What do you pray for?”

“I pray for peace between the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims. I pray for all the wars and all the hatred to stop. I pray that politicians tell us the truth and put the interests of the people ahead of their own interests.”

“How do you feel after doing this for 60 years?”

“Like I’m talking to a wall.”

In closing, I would normally want to send this to – a website that I helped launch in 2001with my first article, OUR LIVES, OUR FORTUNES AND OUR SACRED HONOR, but the webmaster and a long time friend, Paul Walters, won’t publish anything about the Jews so permission is granted for others to post. It’s no April Fool Joke. Have a Blessed
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