Brothers and Sisters in Yahweh, this page will be used to make you aware of our Kin who are struggling due to their testimonies and lifestyle, which is dedicated to our Father, and His Laws. We ask that you search your heart and situation, to see if you can help these folks out, even if it is but a small amount. Many hands, make light work, as my Mother used to tell us. For those who chip in to help, may our Father richly bless you! Amen!

PS: If you wish, you can send me funds via PayPal and I will forward the money to those in need. Just be sure to tell me in a note (via PayPal) that the funds are for them, and not the ministry.

Thank you and Yahweh bless. Daniel

Harley Mitchum
P.O. Box 61358
N. Charleston, SC 29419

Pastor Dan,

I wanted to let you know that my 91 yr. old mother and I lost our home due to an unlawful foreclosure.  We have been homeless for 5 months now and have been having to sleep in our car.  Yahweh is blessing us, or we would not be here. 

Please keep us in your prayers.  If there is anyone who can help us some financially, please let us know.  If I don't come up with $341 by Saturday, my car could be taken from me.   We are truly thankful that Yahweh is with us and his angels are camped around us.   We went to get food today, but, they wanted IDs and to take pictures of me.  I didn't go for that.  Yahweh fed us a meal at Cookout.   Praise Yahweh!!!

Thank you for the emails you have been sending.  I am at the library sometimes and can see my emails.  I thought the service was over, but, it is not.  If someone could help us, please forward our names and email to them.  You can give them my phone number if needed.

Yahweh Bless You,
Harley and Eva Mitchum                                                                                                                         

August 9, 2017

Pastor Dan,

I am someone who for the last 10 years has been in the audience listening and studying with you and Pastor Eli never missing any of your weekly sometimes daily shows.
My daughter and I, myself almost every week, my daughter when she can, have been for 7 years volunteering at local Free Food Giveaways/ Homeless Shelters unloading trucks, passing out food and goods to the many, many Americans who struggle today in our nation just to get by. We see and hear the stories of job loss, homelessness and calamity of 100's most every week and have for years now.
We too have had road block after road block thrown in our path not enabling us to reach our goals or improve our lives and the lives of our children no matter how hard we try. Seems we take a 1/2 step forward and are repeatedly thrown 20 steps back, which makes it extremely hard to find any stability in our daily lives.
I know we are not alone as every week I look into the faces of many Americans who struggle. We pray and read the Scriptures together in hopes of Fathers mercies to just be a bit more comfortable and able to get by in this world which today is so full of discrimination and ridiculous neglect by many employers and places of work, any calamity sends so many jobless, unable to buy food or the means to look for replacement jobs. Wanted to send a bit of our story hoping to find friends, suggestions and any help.

Praise Yahweh! HIS Kingdom Comes!

Rebekah, Laura and Lil' Katie
Lynchburg, Ohio USA
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Mark Edgette - Brother trying to get his life in order. Boldly proclaiming Yah's truth. May 2020

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