Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider’s Name Was Death and Hell Followed Him

By Paul Craig Roberts

I just listened to Obama give Washington’s account of the situation with ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

In Obama’s account, Washington is defeating ISIL in Iraq, but Russia and Assad are defeating the Syrian people in Syria. Obama denounced Russia and the Syrian government—but not ISIL—as barbaric. The message was clear: Washington still intends to overthrow Assad and turn Syria into another Libya and another Iraq, formerly stable and prosperous countries where war now rages continually.

It sickens me to hear the President of the United States lie and construct a false reality, so I turned off the broadcast. I believe it was a press conference, and I am confident that no meaningful questions were asked.

If Helen Thomas were still there, she would ask the Liar-in-Chief what went wrong with Washington’s policy in Iraq. We were promised that a low-cost “cakewalk” war of three or six weeks duration would bring “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. Why is it that 13 years later Iraq is a hellhole of war and destruction?

What happened to the “freedom and democracy?” And the “Cakewalk”?

You can bet your life that no presstitute asked Obama this question.

No one asked the Liar-in-Chief why the Russians and Syrians could clear ISIL out of most of Syria in a couple of months, but Washington has been struggling for several years to clear ISIL out of Iraq. Is it possible that Washington did not want to clear ISIL out of Iraq because Washington intended to use ISIL to clear Assad out of Syria?

No one asked the Liar-in-Chief why Washington sent ISIL to Syria and Iraq in the first place, or why the Syrians and Russians keep finding US weapons In ISIL’s military depots, or why Washington’s allies were funding ISIL by purchasing the oil ISIL is stealing from Iraq.

It seems to be the case that ISIL originated in the mercenaries that Washington organized to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and were sent to Syria to overthrow Assad when the UK Parliament refused to participate in Washington’s invasion of Syria and the Russians put a stop to it.

All of the violence in the Middle East, violence that has consumed countless lives and produced millions of war refugees now overrunning Washington’s NATO vassals in Europe, is 100 percent the fault of Washington, not the fault of ISIL, or Assad, or Russia. Washington and only Washington is to blame.

Washington produced this violence. Where is the question: “Why, Mr. President, did Washington introduce 15 years of massive and ongoing violence into the Middle East and then expect us to believe that it was the fault of someone else?”

If Helen Thomas were there, she would ask the relevent questions. But the pussies that comprise the American press corps are merely an audience that validates the false reality spun by Washington by accepting it without question.

Meanwhile, Moscow and Beijing have understood the message. Washington intends war. The purpose of Washington’s lies is to prepare the insouciant Western peoples for war against the two countries that Washington cannot subjugate except by victory in war.

By faithful vassalage to Washington, Europe is bringing death and destruction to the world.

When an Old Man dies, a library burns to the ground

"War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~George Orwell, 1984



By Pastor Robert W. Record

Nothing is quite so characteristic of our Day and Time as the confusion that reigns among our leaders as they seek to cope with our ever-mounting problems. And this  confusion is what we might expect from all who have taken to walking the way that seems right unto them.  As a nation, we no longer have any authority higher than our own wisdom and counsel. And only too often the policies of our nation are directed by those who control our money -- a people who do not believe in Christian Americanism and who are leading us on a course away from God and righteousness.  Such a thing would not be possible if it were not for the fact that our people have lost the Divine perspective of things, and are themselves given to taking the way that seems right unto them.

Such a way of life is designated in the Bible as the Babylonian system of things. And since the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. (Jer.10:23), such a way can only lead to ever increasing trouble and confusion.

The American people have a national textbook from which they could get light and help that would eliminate their growing confusion. That Book, or course, is the Bible. But the Bible is little read these days, and less understood as to its overall message, even by those who do. This is the reason we have lost the Divine perspective and our nation is floundering along like a blind man who has lost his way. The Psalmist speaks of the Word of God as a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our pathway, but we are manifestly walking without that light today. We are walking rather in the darkness of human, finite reason, or in the light of fable and tradition that is preached from many a pulpit as being light.

Confusion reigns in America and the lands of Christendom today because they have been fed the lie that they are Gentiles, and that the Jews alone are Israel! And since the Bible story centers in Israel and the covenant promises that God made with Abraham and his seed, to mistake the identity of this people, or to ‘spiritualize’ them and apply their promises to a so-called ‘Gentile Church’ can only lead to confusion and spiritual darkness.

The Jews of today are a religious sect classed with Protestants and Catholics. They have not, they are not, and they never will fulfill the prophetic history of the nation of Israel! Yet most of our Fundamentalist and Futurist friends are vainly trying to prove that they have, or will yet fulfill, that prophetic history.  We thus have the blind leading the blind and both are falling into the ditch. What is even more serious is, that the preaching of such fable and tradition makes the Word of God of none effect. Its light not only does not shine on our national pathway, it is hid beneath an avalanche of tradition that is taught as being the Word of God.

Think with me for a moment. The main feature of the Abrahamic Covenant was that of great national development. Not only was Israel to become a great nation, but Abram’s name was changed to Abraham because he was to become the ‘father of many nations’ (Gen.17:4-5). This promise of great national development on the part of the Israel people is reiterated time and again. And in Genesis 48:16-19 we are plainly told that two great nations were to spring from the birthright house of Joseph.

Then too, this national seed of Abraham was to be a blessing to the other peoples and nations. This could only be possible as they w ere living and walking in a covenant relationship to God. Since this was never realized in any of their Old Testament history, then it would have to be fulfilled in this New Covenant period. This means that to be a blessing to the other nations, they would have to be a Christian people. This should not be surprising to any student of the Bible for the New Covenant was to, and made with, the House of Israel. (Jer.31:33 & Matt.26:27-28). What is more, Hosea prophesies that in the place where Israel was called, “Not God’s people,”there they would be called “The sons of the living God.” (Hosea 1:10). And so we could go on.

The point I would make here, is, that none of the national promises made to Israel have ever been fulfilled in the Jews, nor are they about to be, and the end of the age is upon us. Neither have the Jews as a people entered into New Covenant salvation. The fact is, they are the most anti-Christ people in existence today!

To therefore present them as being “God’s chosen people” and heirs to the promises given to Israel, has led to confusion confounded. Yea, it leaves our people perplexed and in darkness with respect to the meaning of the events that are bringing this age to a close.

The great Israel nation as prophesied by Isaiah and Micah, which was to be chief among the nations, is none other than our own United States. The people who came here from England and Western Europe, are the Anglo-Saxons, Nordic and English speaking peoples. What is more, we comprise the people who above all others, have embraced New Covenant salvation. And by every Biblical mark of identification we are the once lost sheep of the house of Israel. It is only as we recognize this fact and get back to God in our national life in keeping with God’s Kingdom purposes, that we will ever be rid of our confusion and begin to solve our mounting problems.


(Originally published in The National Message Ministry-Escondido, CA.)

Aspects of

the shadow

(which controls our lives)




Or, how the bad times

just keep getting worse

By John Kaminski

Who do you think you are, and how much do you think you know?

Some of us who have been around a long time recall a tradition that we used to read in the Superman comic books of our youth that made us all feel like heroes. It was always announced pompously, like this . . . “Truth, justice and the American way!” as if the three items were inextricably linked. We believed that slogan and tried our best to make sure that it actually existed. Or so we thought.

The stunning sequence of atrocities that more recently have been committed in our names — both against others in foreign wars and now in deceptive medical oppression and false flag terror against ourselves — have made us forget how proud, industrious and satisfied Americans used to be when America was mostly white. 

Now that the nation is significantly colored, the USA is being torn apart by an incompatible mix of hostile foreign forces. This has been the deliberate plan of evil people whom we, as good natured individuals, thought were our friends, but were not.

Today the USA is a seething brew of disparate and incompatible ethnicities, and we look on aghast and puzzled at an unrecognizable monolithic braintrust of manipulative media grotesquely interlocked with gruesome government that belittles Europeans who became Americans for rescuing Africans from their jungle terror and granting them an equality they did not deserve until we nurtured them and shared with them the unlimited bounty of our country, which they enjoy today (judging by the coke-snorting antics of elite guests at Obama’s recent birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard).

White people initially resisted but eventually granted blacks the equality they desired, and now blacks want to kill us for it, and take from us the very gifts we gave to them. The savage butchery in South Africa has now spread to America’s mutilated metroplexes. This wanton bestiality warns us we have made a mistake by helping minority immigrants dislodge white American citizens from our previously comfortable lives which definitely did not depend on exploiting them in their far away savage lands, despite what the propaganda prostitute New York Times insists is the real American story.

These powerful media mind controllers now run by cross dressing homosexuals and child molesters — men who dress as women and vice versa — cynically cheerlead our country’s descent into ruin. They glorify the slaves we saved from themselves, and bring ruin upon us for trying to help the downtrodden. It was whites who liberated blacks, and now blacks want to kill us for it. There is a deeper story behind this, which I shall try to explain to those who have been blinded by misshapen myths, the same victims who are now being exterminated in record numbers by their authorities who have been curdled by greed.

As our cowardly ‘woke’ troops abandon their posts and let their countrymen die in chaotic foreign lands, our despicable leaders preach the rancid gospel of those who give them unlimited money. Where once blacks begged for an even break — which they were given — now they tell us whites have always been the evildoers. Today these sociopathic leaders themselves rape children and actually drink their blood while the perverted media they own sing their praises and extol their oh-so-fashionably destructive behavior. 

So long ago Albert Schweitzer warned us this would happen. It’s what Africans have always done and are still doing, namely, eating each other for lunch and refusing to build functional civilizations.

But all this is not all the fault of blacks. They’ve been used as vehicles for the demolition of the white race by a third party, the venerable wrecking ball of all societies that George Lincoln Rockwell so aptly described in his parable of The Ducks and the Hens, the archetypal story of beleaguered waifs feigning desperation who beg to be saved from their own puzzling destitution. But when granted relief and made to feel safe and well-fed, they turn on their saviors, and as is happening in South Africa, destroy everything and everyone who could have assisted them on their road to prosperity and comfort as they degrade and demolish the society that tried to help them.

And then, just when you think you’ve discovered the sordid modus operandi of historical humanity, when you dig a little deeper, you find out it gets even more diabolical, swirling clouds of poisoned nightmares in this twisted era when doctors kill their patients and leaders betray the ones they have sworn to protect.

The ultimate self-betrayal

I might not be a historian, but I do play one on the Internet.

I’m still in the process of navigating through E. Michael Jones’ 1200-page sojourn through history titled ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ (and have written two other essays about earlier parts of the book). But what has slowly dawned on me is a revelation so perverse it undercuts the very resistance to the tyranny that now infects us with a self-sabotaging lethargy that guarantees our species suicide which our so-called friends in Jerusalem and Washington so diligently work to facilitate.

As I progress through the book, I’ve already passed by the very origins of Communism in central Europe by a series of anti-Rome rebels who sought to overturn Catholic dominance of the Middle Ages by fantastically claiming to establish Old Testament communities more religious than the papal systems themselves, a series of bizarre aberrations that led up to the appearance of Martin Luther himself and the heyday of the Protestant Reformation.

The lingering image of naked Anabaptists procreating in the streets trying to imitate Old Testament heroes strikes me as the most radical of these protests, but as always throughout history secret Jews lingered opportunistically in the background.

When the spreading revolt against the church of Rome reached England around 1530, Jones writes, John Calvin, perhaps the most famous of the reformers, said anyone who failed to quit the Catholic faith should be put to the sword. Calvin tried to distance himself from the Jews, Jones insists, but they were his intellectual inspiration and co-revolutionaries. 

And even though Calvin burned his chief rival at the stake for being too Jewish, the influence of the Marrano Jews who fled Spain to survive the Inquisition worked their way into England where the families who severed the connection to Rome became the foundation of the monstrous manipulator that rules the world today from the City of London. This undercurrent of philosemitism disguised by Christian terminology enabled these families to steal the wealth of the church, and become the nucleus of Protestant Christianity that was to engulf all the northern part of Europe, as well as much of the Western Hemisphere later on.

What today strikes me as supremely ironic is that the very Protestant Christian philosophies which principally rely on the very Jewish Old Testament for their aggressive rhetoric against today’s Jewish oligarchs were themselves originally inspired and assisted by Jewish saboteurs battling to undermine the authority of the Christian church of Rome. Today, at least from my limited perspective, no duped advocate of these fundamentalist Christian diatribes seems aware of this fact.

What this reveals to me is that ever since the proto Jewish Hebrew infiltration of Egypt in 1500 BC and certainly with the Biblical events of the period from which the teachings of Jesus emerged, it was Jews who dominated all sides of the debate attempting to control the minds of the populace with one solid priority — to stimulate conflict as a proven formula that produces constant profits. Because of this activity Jews are the only ethnic group in world history that has survived and prospered constantly, right up until this present, unpleasant moment.

We’re caught in a loop of self-destruction, triggered by a tribe that thrives on conflict and always produces the conditions wherein people and groups destroy themselves after being infected with contrived trickery that profits the saboteurs who ignited the discord which manages to destroy both sides of the disagreement.

But if you think you’ve been kept in the dark about that, consider this.

Sordid shadow of our ancestors

The querulous genealogist Miles Mathis is justly famous for deconstructing characters of history whom we mostly thought were admirable and unassailable. So we’ve come to expect to be rattled by his analyses, and his investigations of the ancestors of iconic U.S. presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are no exception. 

His evidence against Washington is a little sketchy; the convincing part is all those late 18th century portraits now suppressed by the spin controller that show without question Washington’s unmistakably Jewish nose. 

Cutting Through the Fog’s articulate commentator Josh writes:

In Part 1 of my exposé of Smedley Butler, I showed that J.P. Morgan was descended from these same Spencers. I also showed that they had been a wealthy Jewish family that had basically bought and forged their way into the peerage in the early 1500’s (see page 40 at the link), adopting the name Spencer to claim ancestry from another line of aristocrats.

Miles Mathis’s argument that the powerful people in the U.S. are descendants of powerful people from the peerage in the U.K. — despite the so-called “War of Independence.” The U.K. and the U.S. (and for that matter, the rest of the world) are under the thumb of the same group of people. I take the fact that our flag was ripped from the coat of arms of George Washington as a powerful illustration of this sad fact.

So much for Washington. Mathis’s case for Jefferson is far more convincing. 

The third U.S. president, from a line that goes back to William the Conqueror, John of Gaunt and the Tudor line of English kings, is descended from nobility on both sides of his family tree. “Jefferson was part of this long project of Protestant disputation and infiltration, going back to Calvin and the French Huguenots. He wasn't just a Protestant, he was from the central families of Europe that had invented it,” Mathis writes. 

“So these were the . . . Jeffersons, an inbred bunch of fornicators sleeping with their sisters and slaves and their slave's sisters. And brothers. Even reading the whitewashed mainstream stories is enough to turn your stomach.” Mathis continues:

In 1772 Jefferson married Martha Wayles [think Jimmy Wales], daughter of a huge slave trader. She was his third cousin. So, despite what we are told, Jefferson must not have had much of a problem with the slave trade. Martha's father was nothing less than a monster, and no one with a conscience would have ever married his daughter. Despite being only 23, Wayles had been married before. So Jefferson must have married her for her money. And for her sisters. Martha came with a huge dowry, including Elk Hill Plantation and many slaves. Martha had six half-sisters, two of them part-black slaves. Although Martha's sisters were “black”, they were actually only 1⁄4 black, and looked mostly white. They were very pretty. Nonetheless, this didn't save them from being slaves. Jefferson only freed one of them much later, and only because she was the mother of six of his children. So again, remind yourself that these ladies not only looked white, but were the half-sisters of his wife. How could you treat them as slaves? But he did. 

One of them was the now-famous Sally Hemings, who became Jefferson's mistress when Martha died at age 33. And Jefferson didn't even wait for Sally to grow up. He was probably sleeping with her by the time she was 13, and possibly even earlier. When Martha died, Sally was only nine. We know that Jefferson took Sally with him to France, when she was only 14. Jefferson was 44. Wikipedia tells us Sally was 16 in Paris, but they can't do math. According to the dates given, she was 14. So if you were disgusted by Woody Allen and Soon-Yi, this is much worse. Soon-Yi was around 20, not 13 or 9. 

Following an interminable compilation of the bloodlines of many Jefferson friends and relatives, Mathis arrived at this gem.

[Added August 12, 2021: Almost incredibly, I just discovered that the mainstream has been admitting Jefferson was a Phoenician since at least 2004. National Geographic professional geneticist and genealogist Spencer Wells, who heads the Genographic Project, confirmed through DNA testing on Jefferson's descendants that through the male line Jefferson carried Phoenician markers, namely the K2 haplogroup. Also note Wells' names, Spencer and Wells, indicating he is from the same lines. So he should know. 

Robert Coolidge has confirmed my genealogical research as well, concluding Jefferson descended through John of Gaunt to Charlemagne. Since I have shown Charlemagne also came from Phoenicians, we find confirmation from several sources.] 

Mathis also demolishes Jefferson’s reputation as a noble thinker.

I used to think that separation of church and state was a good idea, but I have changed my mind. Not because I became a Christian, which I didn't. I haven't been to church since I was about 15, and I don't miss it. No, I changed my mind because I came to understand why the Founding Fathers were pushing this. They weren't pushing it to guarantee your right to worship as you choose, though that is the line they sell you. 

They were pushing it because they were deeply and profoundly irreligious themselves, and wanted to govern and trade without any interference from Christian rules against usury, or other rules of conduct. They wished to destroy worship altogether, because it competed with them. The church competed with their ability to tax. The church competed with their ability to propagandize. And the church competed with their ability to control. That has become clearer through the decades and centuries, and should be crystal clear now, when the descendants of these people are just shutting down churches by fiat. 

One of the most illogical and unConstitutional of the current executive orders promulgated by state governors has been the closing of all houses of worship. Let me just ask you this: if church and state are truly separate, then how can the state close all churches? Shouldn't churches, being separate, be able to make their own rules? If the church can no longer influence the state, why should the state influence the church? The governors are simply using a fake crisis to do everything they ever wanted to do, and one of the things they most wanted to do is shut down churches. That should tell you who we are dealing with. 

The secret owners of everything

Now we must return to our own agonizing era of terror and trauma in which the misled residents of unstable states are led toward their own doom by the misleading statements of authority figures they have been taught to trust.

Unbeknownst to most of us, truly free minds are the real rebels, because the Jews, through their timeworn control of both money and media back through the distant depths of history, have always been the secret owners of deceived populations. Through their control of media, in whatever era, they have always been able to make ordinary people — saddled with the familiar distractions of trying to make a living and unable to fathom the propaganda tricks of the very rich to conceal their demented deeds — do what they want them to.

From the hidden motives of the East India Company concealed in the rhetoric of revolutionary rhetoric came the underground Jewish creation of an American republic. But it didn’t stop there.

In the bloodstained years that followed were the parlor game between James and Lionel Rothschild that most now recall as the War Between the States; the Balfour Declaration that drew the U.S. into World War I and prepared for the creation of the demonic terror hub known as Israel; the preplanned attack on Hawaii that lured Japan into WW2 and set the entire continent of Europe on fire; the downing of skyscrapers in New York to which Israel sent observers in advance to begin a never-ending Jewish war on the world; and lastly the fake plague in which the poison potions of Jewish pharmaceutical giants have killed millions and are still killing unsuspecting innocents, the majority of whom remain unable to escape the shadow of our own destruction wielded by disingenuous psychopaths who have trapped us in our own myths as they prepare us for our traditional exploitation and inevitable slaughter.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.