This page will list recommended weapons for sport, hunting and protection. Our goal is to find the best quaility for the money, and to keep the overall cost as low as possible.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." - Jack Canfield

This box is for vendors of firearms and ammo.

Cheaper Than Dirt - Link

Heartland Ammo - Karma Munitions (Florida, Veteran Owned) - Link

The Gun Zione - Link

Sportsman's Guide - Link

Woodbury Outfitters - Link

Bear Creek Arsenal - Link

Gun Bot - ammo - Link

Arms List (like Craig's List) - Link

Gun Deals - Link

RTG Parts has lots of parts for AK’s and H&K firearms, and lots of other military surplus items. - Link

Firearms - Full Auto, Semi Auto, Parts/Accessories, Ammo, and Collector pages. This is a board with for sale postings by the individual sellers. You deal direct with the sellers. I recommend that only experienced buyers make transactions here. - Link

AIM is another vendor site. Good source for ammo and surplus magazines. They sometimes have police trade-in handguns for sale at good prices. - Link

Ammo Man is a great source for ammo of all calibers. Shipping is included in the prices for orders over $99. - Link

DS Arms is a manufacturer for the US made FAL .308 battle rifle. They are top drawer and fairly expensive. Parts and accessories too. - Link

Updated - January 23, 2019


Ruger GP100 Series in either .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum - GP100 Link 

Ruger LCR Series  in either .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum - Ruger LCR Series Link

Chiappa 1873 SAA .22 LR Revolver 4.75" Barrel, 6 Rounds, Polymer Grips, Black - Link


Semi-auto pistols:

.45 ACP - ATI 1911 - Link

9 mm - such as Springfield Armory XD Model 2 - Link

.380 Auto (9 mm short) - Hi-Point CF-380, 3.5" bbl, 8 shot - Link

.40 S&W - FN America FNS-40 Compact, 3.6" Barrel, Manual Safety, 10+1 Rounds - Link

Bersa Thunder 22 Semi Auto Handgun 3.5" bbl, 10 rnds, Polymer Grips, Duotone Finish T22DT - Link



Winchester Super X Pump Defender - 18" bbl, 12 gauge, 5+1 shot capacity - Winchester Defender Link


Long guns (rifles):

7.62x39 mm - any SKS style or AK47 style

.223 Rem. - Savage Axis XP Camo Bolt Action - Cheaper Than Dirt Link

.223 Rem. - ATI Mil-Sport AR-15, semi-auto, 16" bbl, 30 rds, collapsible stock - Cheaper Than Dirt Link

BCA AR-15 Complete Rifle, 16” Parkerized M4 Contour Barrel, .223 Wylde, Carbine Length Gas System, 1:8 Twist w/ 15" MLOK2 Rail - Link

BCA AR-15 Complete rifle, 16" Parkerized 4150 Steel Contour Barrel, 5.56 NATO, 1:9 Twist, w/ Standard Hand Guard, Front Sight - Link

.308 (30 Cal NATO) - Diamondback DB-10, semi-auto, 16" bbl, 20 rnds, hand guard - CTD Link

.308 bolt action - Savage Axis XP, 22" bbl, 4 rnds, detachable box mag., Weaver 3-9x40 scope - CTD Link

.300 Blackout - ATI Omni Maxx AR-15, 16"bbl, 30 rnds, collapsible stock, black - CTD Link

.22 LR (Long Rifle) - Mossberg 802 Plinkster, Bolt Action, 18" Barrel, 10+1 Rounds - Link

.22 LR - Mossberg Blaze, Semi-Automatic, 16.5" Barrel, 10+1 Rounds - Link

News Bulletin - Updated - January 23, 2019

This block is to provide additional information for you to use when considering the purchase of a suitable firearm.

1) The new round .300 Blackout is a round developed to use the same brass as a .223 Rem. but with a 30 caliber bullet. So you can use your .223 magazines to hold these rounds. Some manufacturers are providing both the .223 and .300 BLK receivers and barrells, so you can interchange them using the same stock. This is practical and more economical, since it provides you with the ability to use the less expensive .223 for sport or target practice while saving the more expensive .300 BLK for hunting or protection. The best of both worlds.

2) I recommend having some .22LR pistols or rifles around as there are cheap to buy, cheap to shoot, and easy to handle, making them very good for teaching proper firearms safety to family or friends. In a pinch, they can also be used to hunt small game and help with home defense.

3) I was in the militray, and grew up on a farm where we would shoot often. So, I have experience using them for sport and hunting. I have also learned how to reload ammunition (pistol, rifle and shotgun). If I can help you with any kind of question, please contact me, I would be more than glad to help.

4) When looking at revolvers, I recommend buying either a .357 Magnum or a .44 Magnum. These revolvers can shoot either the high powered 'magnum' loads, or the less powerful .38 Special and .44 Special ammo. The .38 Spc and .44 Spc ammo is also cheaper to buy and works better for home defense purposes.

5) .223 Wylde - Bill Wylde (and hence the name, .223 Wylde), had an idea to create a chamber that would clear both rounds, 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington. Hence, .223 Wylde was created – a chamber that takes advantage of both of these loads. In other words, .223 Wylde combines the excellency to handle both rounds in one source, the hotter 5.56 rounds without pressure concerns and .223 rounds that offer edge-on accuracy that’s so common for Remington rifles. - Link to article that explains this in detail.

6) Best & Worst States for Gun Owners - Ask A Prepper - Link

Buying Tips from a friend

Buying the AK-47

This is a recommendation for folks to buy the semi-automatic AK-47 in 30 caliber (7.62x39) as it’s (arguably) the most reliable and deadly battle rifle ever made. It can be bought in several calibers, but stay with the original 30 caliber version and 30 round “banana” mags.

Reasons being:

1. Ammo almost universally available
2. Magazines almost universally available
3. Parts and accessories almost universally available
4. Very reliable in the most demanding conditions, rain, mud, sand, snow, cold, etc
5. Battle tested for 70 years
6. Appearance is rather intimidating; the original “Bad Boy" black rifle

In other words, the AK-47 has been proven to be a real warhorse in almost every military engagement since WWII ended. And because of its universal success, ammo and magazines are available world wide. The only reason the mainstream US military doesn’t use it is “not invented here” and the fact it was used against us in Vietnam and Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., to great success. So, we could just say "it is not politically correct.” However, if you want to own one of the best killing machines ever made, then the AK-47 is for you. An interesting note, the Green Berets and SEALs often use the AK-47 as their weapon of choice.


There are two basic receiver construction designs for the AK - Milled and Stamped. While the milled receiver is very desirable, it is also more expensive. If you can afford an extra $300 to $500 for one, then by all means buy one. But, the 1mm stamped steel receiver is just as reliable as the milled, does the job just as well, and weighs a bit less. And there is also the thicker 1.6mm stamped steel receiver that is super rigid and is found on the VEPR series of Russian made AK’s and perhaps a few other versions.


Go out of your way to find genuine Military Surplus AK 30 round mags. Although there are made-in-USA mags out there, the mags made in one of the original nations fielding the AK are the ones you want, such as Russia, E Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, China, and so on. These will fit and function properly. Don’t "go cheap" on mags as they are the critical parts that make the AK function. Off-brand and aftermarket mags can break or even fall out of the receiver at the worst moment. Not worth saving a few $$ to get a “bargain bin" magazine. And, go with steel mags first. Some of the best steel mags ever made are the East German “ridge back” 30 rounders. There are several types of synthetic AK mags, and they are good, but go with the steel mags first; add the synthetic mags later. Synthetic mags are usually 2 or 3 times more costly than steel. But, if you have the money to burn …


Like with the mags, go with ammo from where the AK’s were used by the military. Russia makes several brands of steel cased 7.62x39mm AK ammo and it all works. The AK’s were designed and built “loose” to make the steel cased ammo very reliable. Berdan primered steel cased ammo is just right for the AK-47. Needless to say, it is quite a bit less expensive than brass cased ammo. Don’t waste your money on brass ammo unless you just have lots of cash. And, for sure, don’t opt for reloadable brass cased Boxer primer ammo as that just runs the cost up even more. AK ammo is so cheap it isn’t worth the effort to do your own reloading. Save that effort for your long range 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag ammo!

Jacketed hollow points or full metal jacket (FMJ)? Either one will feed fine. Exposed lead tipped hunting ammo? Use only after you have thoroughly tested it in your particular AK. Lead tipped hunting ammo in a semi-auto rifle is a potential trouble spot as the lead tips can deform, can drag across the feed ramp, and cause a jam. For combat, exposed lead tipped ammo is a no-no. It will jam at the worst moment.


There are dozens of accessories available for the AK-47’s.

A decent scope is a good investment but of course, be sure to first buy an AK with a built-in side-mount. Western style scopes can be fitted and will work, but the best setup is an original Russian-style side mount scope. The drawback with using a scope is that it takes away from the rough-and-tumble nature of the AK in that a scoped rifle usually requires less violent handling to protect the scope. For your first AK, I'd say forget the scope and keep the AK a true battle rifle you can put thru Hell and still operate.

Slings. A good Russian sling is one of the best. You can still find them on the various parts sites such as Robert RTG. The Russian sling is a canvas type and very strong. Leather slings are available too.

Pistol grips. There are many AK pistol grips available that can be easily changed with the removal of one long bolt. Buy several styles, keep one, and sell the ones you don’t love.

Pimp-out items. There is a tendency to “pimp-out” an AK, and each to his or her own tastes. But, most of these items are just dead weight and not particularly useful. Remember, you are not in a Rambo movie, you are in REAL life. Items that make a Hollywood movie AK-47 cool are there just to make the movie cool. Pimp-out your automobile, not your AK-47.