They say that we’re the racists
As they spit upon the ground
But it was their hate for whitey
That shot the Dallas cops down

They say that we’re the devil
Of the very world we built
And then attempt to shame us
With “white privilege” and guilt

Muslim imams proudly preach
For the mass rape of our women
Black social leaders call out
For the slaughter of our children

These things are not imagined
They are happening right now
With most of us in shock
And simply asking “how?”

How is it that it’s come to this?
Where have our leaders been?
Their failure to protect us
Has been their gravest sin

So now the Folk must rise up
Take our fate into our hands
Destroy the Leftist establishment
Now we must seize command

We will not go silent into the night
Like sheep sent to their slaughter
The Northern wolf will show his might
To protect our sons and daughters

© Karlotta Imrichova 2016

United Europe

by Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh URL

 No borders but what people wish,

To live among their kind,

No artificial frontiers,

The only ties that bind,

Are ethnic and the nation’s place,

In past and free from fear,

Of those who hate what Europe is,

Who mix our blood and jeer.


No borders but to live among,

Whom fate has deemed is best,

No hatred for the other folk,

But they remain the guest,

As Europeans we are true,

To legacy of kind,

No demagogue or bankers lust,

Whilst Press deceive the blind.


We are one billion people,

We’re forged by blood and lore,

Our fathers died that we might keep,

The foe outside our door,

Now cowards use the traitor’s blade,

To stab when back is turned,

They give to strangers of our kind,

What strangers never earned.