In the Jewish hell called Germany, Alfred Schaefer was on trial last week. For saying certain things in court he was fined 5,000 Euros on the spot! This week the Jews had armed German Police arrest the little old German granny, Ursula Haverbeck (89) to throw her in prison for NOT believing the Jewish fairy tale of the holocaust.

The German men and women are doing great, fighting for their bit of free speech and free thought which the Jewish scum deny them! Its really awesome to see them doing these things. They're brave and gutsy and are an inspiration to us all! We must all support them for all we're worth!

Merkel for the record is a Polish Jewish communist and lesbian. Germans have told me that she and her husband are searching for property in South America to flee to once her term is over ruining Germany and ruining Europe.

You will remember that the Suidlanders sent me a 1 page legal letter with threats of various court actions against my website. Yesterday I responded by sending them my 5 page legal letter. I'll let you know what happens.

Today's treat is my interview with a Portuguese Rhodesian who was in our special forces, the Selous Scouts and who later spent 5 years in South Africa's special forces, the Recces. When Rhodesia was surrendered, there was a time when some of our best guys went to fight in South Africa. But we don't touch on that in this interview. My brother told me that this did not work out well. Its a topic we'll revisit. In this video I discuss why Johnny had to flee Zimbabwe. The black commies tried to kill him 8 times and they successfully poisoned him some time back. He's getting medical treatment in Portugal. I met him during the time when I did AfricanCrisis and we spoke face to face. He had the most guts of all the whites in Zimbabwe to try to tell the truth.

In our discussions off the air Johnny also filled me in on something I could never understand about the Zimbabweans. There is a prominent white Zimbabwean who is often quoted by other old Rhodesians in their publications. His name is Eddie Cross. Eddie Cross is still in Zimbabwe. At one time he won the Business Man of the Year award there. He's wealthy - but he's not a Jew. Johnny told me that Eddie Cross is not actually white, he's a coloured (mixed race)!! So that explains my past clashes with Eddie Cross!

In this video you'll hear first hand experiences and observations from Johnny. Johnny also confirms and adds more info to my theory that Roy Bennett who died in the USA this year was definitely going to be the first WHITE PRESIDENT of Zimbabwe! Johnny filled me in on information I'd not been aware of! Johnny also adds his own information as to why it would be easy to assassinate Roy Bennett in the USA!

For the record President Mnangagwa is already busy rigging the Zimbabwe election for next year. This is nothing new. This is a continuance of Robert Mugabe's methods. These are communists and the "democracy" of the Liberals and Jews does NOT EXIST in reality and never has. The black commies murder and do as they need to, to ensure that they never lose an election! This is "democracy" in much of southern Africa, especially in the countries whites formerly ruled. e.g. Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, etc. Do not be surprised if you find that getting the ANC out of power is almost impossible in South Africa!

The Bank fight: Bank of America Vs ABSA

In recent months with the various things I've been trying, regarding the banks and moving monies, at one point Bank of America's call centre staff told me 2 interesting things that looked as if they could help me a lot. Staff told me over and over that they have a "Partner bank" in South Africa called ABSA. ABSA is one of the 5 big banks here. It is an amalgamation of Afrikaans banks from the 1980s. So I was told by Bank of America staff that if I go into an ABSA branch, that they can do X and Y for me. I didn't believe it could be done in SA but I decided to do my damnedest to try. So after various attempts to get ABSA to do it, I had failed.

I then found every email address I could for ABSA and sent them an email. I threatened ABSA using Bank of America (BOA). At first the staff wrote back saying "we're a customer centric bank and we'll try to help you". Then when the different departments wrote back and said to me: "We can't do this", Here is an example from one of my emails of how I responded:-

Subject: Re: Case Ref No. XXXX - Customer : MR JAN LAMPRECHT

Thank you very much for this update.
All that matters to me is that this matter be escalated to the highest levels necessary because if Absa does not resolve this matter in accordance with the instructions that I have received from bank of America, then I will take every single email I've received from Absa and I will send it to bank of America head office and ask them to remove Absa from their website as a global alliance partner.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Well can you believe, after several days of this, ABSA phones me to tell me: We cannot do X and Y, and as of the end of May ABSA will no longer be a BOA Global Alliance partner!

If you go to the BOA website you'll see at this link that ABSA is the only partner listed for South Africa: https://locators.bankofamerica.com/international.html

ABSA got back to me and said that I'll now see that BOA has announced on its website the termination of ABSA as their Global Alliance Partner. Further down the above page you'll see this: Note: Participation in this program is subject to change, please review participating Financial Institutions prior to traveling internationally and using International Partner ATMs. *ABSA will no longer be a part of the Global ATM Alliance effective May 31, 2018.

So my threatening did not get me the X and Y I had wanted! But I did get the 2 banks to part company!! I'm happy about that because if ABSA can't carry out their obligations then they deserve to be be kicked out!

Credit Card Donations - Good news and Bad News
The good news is that a few people did go and donate some monies to me for which I am very grateful. The bad news is that because I am a South African, this US company is now chucking ever more red tape my way.

Also, another complication had to do with software I bought especially for the donations section of my website. Liberals at that company found out about my website and they immediately refunded my monies and they revoked all the licences I'd bought. So my Credit Card donations are no longer working.

So I'm now utterly skeptical as to whether the American Credit Card gateway I'm going through will be able to continue functioning. I'll see what they say in the next few days. I do have the names, email addresses and amounts that were donated by the few donors. So I'll contact them and thank them. But as with Paypal, I'll have to see whether I get the monies, or whether it will be refunded.

This is my first ever attempt on these websites to get Credit Card payments and I've made mistakes in some of the things I did which has now led to this. So I'm expecting that I'll lose the facility and I will then have to look at South African options. But I see that these companies all come snooping around to see what you do on your website. So I've got an idea of how I'll try dealing with this on my second attempt. And I'm also aware of the mistakes I've made. I'll let the donors know what happens.

But a big thank you to those who did donate. You'll hear from me personally. I will also see whether they block the monies or whether they will be refunded.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to the people who share my newsletter! Thanks a stack!

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