July 29, 2018

Dear Daniel,

NB: I am replying to all replies to this email address. I am very grateful to people who share my newsletters. It helps me a lot. 

This is a monthly donation reminder FWIW. I don't really have anything new to add on this score. Last week someone tried to send me a phishing SMS to try and break into my Bitcoin a/c. I did not fall for it. The Bitcoin company is interested in following up on the phishing attempt. 

In one month, Facebook shut down pages that had 40 million members! The Jews don't like any deviation from their lies! 

For newer subscribers: The Great Jewish Masque (Mask) is the concept that by 430 BC the Jews were intensely busy inventing a fictional history for themselves which they've used to fool the entire world with ever since. I did a 4 part series on a fascinating little book from 1936. Today's new video is an interview I did with the late Nick Spero who died under somewhat mysterious conditions. Nick and I discuss the Great Jewish Mask and also South Africa. 

I'm returning to The Great Jewish Mask with the results of new research. So you'll be seeing another video on it this week as I delve into the ancient history of these Jewish liars and I try to tie up some loose ends. 

Don't miss the story about South Africa's Vice President who speaks about dead whites. The communist piece of shit also tells whites to "share" their land with the blacks. This is an old trick. They share nothing, but everything that belongs to whites is up for sharing. I wrote about this in Government by Deception in 2001. 

I opened a channel on Bitchute. I got 2 videos on to Gab.ai. After my initial disappointment I think I see some hope with Gab. I only have one subscriber to my video channel on Gab. If people would join there, then its a simple way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. A Monthly Gab premium a/c costs only $5.99. Once you have a premium Gab subscription you can subscribe to my channel and that's a VERY GOOD WAY to support me. 

I came across a message that indicated that today, 30th July, there would be a 2nd #BlackMonday here in South Africa, protesting farm murders like we did last year. I posted the note I came across. What I'm not sure of, is whether this will have the same support as last year. The note came from the organiser; and the note said that Julius Malema would be arrested. I assume the goal would be a type of citizen's arrest of Malema. So I don't know much more than that. If anyone has more info then let me know. 

I did a lot of digging into the secession in South Africa of the Cape of Good Hope and eventually sent messages directly to people connected to the King. I did not get any response by Friday. I did an interview with Dennis Fetcho about this and other topics. I've been told to expect more information this week. I remain skeptical about it all, but I might as well get some facts. It concerns me that the idea and all the work and support for it comes from WHITES! 

I thought that the White Encyclopedia, Metapedia was pretty much dead. But to my delight they seem to be very active and are raising funds. I think they are really important, and having something that can compete with the Liberal/Jewish wikipedia is a big step forward for us. Click here to go to the Metapedia fund raising page

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