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Letter from Jan (Yan) - 10.24.19

Dear Daniel,

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o Audio: USA, Russia, UK & EU will KILL Blacks OR Whites for the Mineral riches of Africa!

o Books Unemployment in South Africa (1922)
o Books Album of photographic views of South Africa (1903)
o Books textsSouth and South Central Africa (1915)
o Books State Interference In South Africa (1938)
o Books Native Problem In South Africa (1903)
o Jan is VERY BUSY until…
o Books South Africa at War (1943)
o Books The Plot Against South Africa by Klaus Vaque (1989)
o 9,200 Whites leave: Big increase in (White?) South Africans moving to New Zealand – & 1 black
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o 51E7vpXpY-L._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_
o gettyimages-865109088-1548970937
o Pic: VERY IMPORTANT: Russian military arriving in Mozambique: Russian Air force landing in S.Africa tomorrow
o Books textsThe Communists and the S truggle for Negro Liberation: Their Position on Problems of Africa, of the West Indies, of War, of Ethiopian Independence, of the Struggle for Peace (1936)
o Books The Essential Kafir (1904)
o Books Savage Childhood: A Study of Kafir Children (1908)
o Books Kafir Socialism & The Dawn of Individualism; An Introduction to the Study of the Native Problem (1908)
o Books Memoir Respecting the Kaffers, Hottentots & Bosjemans, of South Africa 2 Volumes (1845)
o Books South Africa & The Transvaal War 7 Volumes (1900)
o S.Africa: WEIRD entry into a family member’s pro perty last night…
o Books The Bantu Are Coming; Phases of South Africa’s Race Problem (1930)
o Book The last frontier : the white man’s war for civilisation in Africa
o Books White Man’s Africa (1900)
o Books Inside BOSS; South Africa’s Secret Police (1981)
o Video War of the Flea
o Americans & Europeans LOVED The Great Jewish Mask series – Why? – My Future Plans
o VERY IMPORTANT: Putin & Russian military/economic expansion into Africa! – My Comments
o SA’s MOST JEWISH POLITICAL PARTY: DA: The anti-White Communist Jewess Helen Zille beats the blacks
o SA’s most JEWISH Political party: Jews & Blacks fight: Black ANC and white DA’s inclusivity facade always cracks when the heat is on
o Even Black Professionals are leaving S.Africa in ever increasing numbers!!! – My Comments
o BRAIN DRAIN: How many South Africans are selling up and emigrating in the second quarter
o S.Africa: New Laws intended to force racial quotas more firmly & punish businesses
o Citizens Must Prep are For Zimbabwe’s Economic Collapse
o High Risk Of Chaos In Zimbabwe
o 2 Pics: Quotes from Blacks showing that S.Africa is NOT a Democracy! – ONE PARTY STATE!!!
o winnie-mandela-quote-i-would-do-it again
o Quote: Communist Winnie Mandela: I would do it all over again…
o S.Africa: How Mbeki helped Mugabe destroy the White Farmers of Zimbabwe – ANC will NEVER LOSE POWER!
o S.Africa: #JMC – Jewish Monopoly Capital’s poster boy: Black Jewish President Ramaphosa!
o Science: Map of the world by IQ

The slaughter continues: The perils of being white in South Africa - Link