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Letter from Yan to Tom Metzger - 4.4.19

Hi Tom,

I'm copying and BCC'ing some people whom I've been dealing with, with regard to The Fash Bash.

For the record not a single white male in the USA accepted our invitations to the fash bash. Not one.

And only 1 had a valid excuse - Billy Roper - whom I might add has written some really great intellectual stuff about our history. The others just turned it down. I even emailed someone senior at the Barnes Review to meet him and speak to him face to face when I'm in the USA and he did not respond.

In your country the whites seem to be solidly intimidated.

It looks as if every white male activist in the USA is totally intimiated, except for Billy Roper. Nobody is taking the slightest interest in anything.

I'm busy winding things up here. I gave my first lecture last weekend to a small group in Coligny, which included the leader of the Boere Legion. He invited me to address the top officers of the Boere Legion this weekend in Ventersdorp (home of the AWB actually). So the Boere Legion is the only organisation here that will openly stand by me.

After that I have 2 events on my final weekend before I leave for the USA - a talk in Lichtenburg and a talk in Benoni in Johannesburg.

I'll tell you Tom, I found that all my support in the USA died completely. With the constant bannings from Paypal, I hardly have a supporter left. With each paypal banning I lost about 75% of my support base... and when I got people back, then with the next banning I lost more. And so it continued. My support from the USA has never been as totally DEAD as it is now.

I'm busy seeing what I can do here, in terms of doing some lectures, including lectures aimed at young white boys.

Here in SA the whites are more active and open than ever before.

One thing which pleases me immensely is that the farm seizures without compensation seem to be standing still at the moment until after the election. These land seizures bothered me. I don't know what's happened, but the Govt had said they would begin in March, and they were even talking of ramming it through parliament and now its dead in the water.... for now.

So the whites may well have won something but its QUIET. When whites win, it happens quietly.

And I made another interesting discovery - the 2nd one. I found a German who hoisted the German NAZI state flag in the suburb next to mine in 2017. I eventually got in contact with him - purely by accident because the journalists REFUSED to put me in touch with him. Journalists do all they can to stop whites connecting.

I met the German. I asked about the "flag incident" when the "NAZI flag" went up at his house. In the media they said that the Jews had tackled him and that they were beginning legal action against him. His one daughter even apologised publicly. The German told me that when the Jews threatened legal action, that he got some legal help and he went to the Jew with his legal response and made the Jew sign receipt of the legal response. I learned more of what happened after this, and I can tell you that when whites WIN the Jews keep that from the media.

Jews are careful to create the impression that they ALWAYS WIN, when in fact they do not. In Snowy Smith's legal case I read the actual case outcome. Snowy had actually cost them a lot of money and he only got a slight slap on the wrist in court. For all practical purposes he actually survived a massive Jewish legal attack.

It seems to me that whites in your country are seriously intimidated. It might be that whites fear losing their bank a/cs. That is the main thing I've been hearing from activists I've spoken to. Its as if your banks are the next level strike on activists in the USA.

But be that as it may, the response from the white males we invited to The Fash Bash was a BIG ZERO - at least for all those I was involved in with.

Clearly Jewish intimidation is working extremely well in your country - land of the free and home of the brave. I've never seen to many Americans with their heads down.

Over here at least, there are ever growing glimmers of sanity that I never thought I'd see among the whites, especially the Afrikaners/Boers. There's a lot more activity.

In my discussions with the Boere Legion the leader thinks I can play a role in helping to bring about unity. That is definitely my goal - bringing whites together and making them bond and build links with each other. My lecture that I prepared, definitely will help here in South Africa.

I'm also seeing more seriousness, except for that bunch of clowns - the Suidlanders. On 1st April they issued a statement saying that their leaders must prepare for "Millions of hungry blacks pouring over our borders OR an armed attack ... WHICH NO WEAPON IN SOUTH AFRICA CAN STOP". I have the message in Afrikaans. Millions of hungry blacks can't be stopped by any weapons we have? You kidding me? One machinegun can stop them. This bunch of clowns and goof balls are the only morons on our scene talking like utter idiots. They're a bunch of melodramatic fools. They even issued a statement that their entire hierarchy had gone into HIDING because of the "war" that is "imminent". Bunch of clowns.

We definitely need to work on our European brethren. We need to work on building unity among whites.

We need to also do this in Europe BIG TIME. BIG TIME. Europe is the key to victory.

The real goal of the whites here - all of them on the right - is really to work towards a Whites Only state (Volkstaat). That's the deeper motivation behind everyone's moves.

I thought I'd just quickly dash off this note to you and other interested parties. I'm running around like mad. Another 160Km journey this weekend, and an even longer one next weekend. But I'm on the attack.

We need to get the morale of whites up so that they can stop being scared and so that they can survive Jewish/Elite/Liberal/Communist INTIMIDATION... because that is clearly what's at work, especially in the USA of late.

We really need to solve the problems that are scaring whites in your country.

Jan Lamprecht

September 25, 2018

Hi Pastor Dan,

Hope you’re keeping well.

This video is difficult to watch.

My Aunt and Uncle where attacked many years ago on their farm and he was stabbed multiple times but fortunately survived.

My Mother and Father in law where attacked in their house in a suburb in Johannesburg a few years ago. They where tied up and roughed up but fortunately not badly injured.

My cousins twenty one year old son was shot and killed in a hijacking - he’d just bought his car a few days before.

These are just some examples of the crime that has struck our small family.

It’s grinds at you daily and becomes more difficult to deal with. Some of us can’t leave - I have an elderly Mom in frail care and I am her only child. There is no way I could leave her here alone with the savages.

It’s very difficult and becoming almost unbearable.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Take care

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