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I got a notification today that one of my servers was over the limit for data going outwards for 2 hours. I was very pleased. It meant people were watching the videos I put out yesterday. I'd been worried that things are too quiet. So its the first time in several weeks that I got this warning and I was very pleased by it. I'd rather have the servers be overloaded than idle!

I believe a Jewish Senator in California has achieved a success. Apparently now its not illegal to deliberately infect someone with HIV contaminated blood!

These Jews specialise in breaking and changing everything in society. But these people, while smiling and being friendly, openly do malicious things. I would not be surprised if Jews were behind the legalisation of various drugs and all sorts of harmful things. These people are trouble-makers, nation destroyers, but they do it in the guise of "progress" and here's a "better way". The Boers in South Africa were constantly reminded by the Jews and Liberals that they are "old fashioned" and they must learn "new methods" and "catch up with the times".

But in reality the Boer was being honest and merely defending himself - same as the Rhodesians. The Jew sneaks in and begins changing the rules, but the rules he changes allow him EVEN MORE LEE WAY and a greater ability to break new things ... and he wastes no time in doing that!!!

The Jew Stefan Molyneux I see, believes that "Statism is dead" - that nations are dead. How wrong he will be proven to be. Nations will be back with a vengeance and maybe even a white racial SUPER STATE in the future if we can manage to defend ourselves. No, you pompous ass, The State will be coming back with a vengeance ... and people who think armies won't be needed. Stick around. The state will be back, and the most important ASSET we whites will have will be our armies of white males. Stick around. Its coming.

History is never invalidated. Those "old methods" will turn out to be "wise methods". Those "old methods" will become the key to survival. WW2 resulted in the destruction of states, less state power and more "globalism". We need a sharp reversal of that. The future states must be working together to DESTROY AND SMASH GLOBALISM.


Video: Las Vegas Massacre: Alex Linder and Jan discuss it
On #TeamWhite we discussed in detail as much of the Las Vegas Massacre as we know. We look at various aspects of it that are strange. We agree that this man had a massive motive - there was just too much premeditation in this. However, we can't agree on which motive is the most likely. We examine this from every aspect we can.

You can view the video here: Video Link


Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites - Part 2
I went to the scene of the battle 8 days after it happened & took photos. Alex and I discuss the new information I uncovered. Whites were calling extensively for reinforcements hoping that thousands of whites with guns would arrive. The blacks also bussed in 30 taxi loads of reinforcements. There were gun shots fired on both sides & at least one person died on either side. I also discuss the massed arson attacks that took place in the Cape province in one day a month ago. I discuss Julius Malema and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe working together secretly to create a race war in South Africa in an attempt at overrunning the whites of South Africa Zimbabwe style. I wrote a conditional declaration of war on in 2010 because I was convinced that the murder of Eugene Terreblanche was an assassination attempt that was a prelude to the mass invasion of white farms in South Africa planned by Malema and Mugabe. Malema leads a charmed life and is very likely protected by the South African Govt.

You can view the video here: Video Link

Video: Important: WAR between the Super Rich scum vs Zuma & the ANC
South Africa might be heading into its "Zimbabwe melt-down phase". It seems to me that Super-rich and banksters can't wait any longer. They want to try to drive out President Zuma and replace the ANC (African National Congress) with their Jewish puppets in the DA (Democratic Alliance). They've been working towards this goal for many years and the gloves have come off from both sides.

A fascinating twist is that it seems President Zuma is bringing in Russia in a big way into South Africa. This video is a very detailed analysis of what is going down in South Africa which started on 7 April 2017. This is a follow-up of the video: "Important: Revolution in SA on 7th April 2017?"

I got lots of new information of other events including one for the 12th where ALL the political parties are gathering together to take on President Zuma and the ANC. One of the most mysterious things I have come across is a 19 page document called: "How Zuma planned to capture the country". I uploaded the entire file. You can read it at this link where I do a quick analysis of it:

You can view the video here: Video Link

Video: Rhodesia: I was there...
Life in Africa during a White Rebellion against Britain! Alex interviews Jan about his life growing up in Rhodesia during the Rhodesian Bush war which took place after Prime Minister Ian Smith declared UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) from Britain in 1965. This resulted in world sanctions against Rhodesia. The Russia’s, Chinese and Warsaw Pact communists trained and armed large numbers of blacks to fight the whites of Rhodesia. Jan is a Boer. Half of his large family moved from South Africa to Rhodesia in 1947. Boers were a minority in Rhodesia but they were 100% in support of the British Rhodesians who were fighting the black communists. Eventually the communists won and the Chinese backed communist, Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980.

You can view the video here: Video Link

Video: South Africa: The Land the Super Rich raped to death
South Africa is the land of monopolies & oligopolies where the rich own and run almost everything. There is no such thing as a "Free Market" in South Africa. I discuss how the Rich, Super-Rich and Jews have abused South Africa for over a hundred years. Everything that exists, is only there to make the rich happy. The rich and super-rich do anything the hell they please and almost all their power has remained in tact right until now.

You can view the video here: Video Link

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