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Letter from Jan (Yan) - 01.30.20

Dear Daniel,

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o Video: SECESSION: USA: West Virginia Governor & Jerry Falwell INVITE VA 2nd Amendment Counties to JOIN WEST VIRGINIA!!!
o Video & Audio: Quick Lesson: The Hitler of Portugal: António de Oliveira Salazar

o NASA Plans to Build a Moon-Orbiting Space Station…
o Blacks took 25 Years to collapse South Africa – We’re falling behind the Developed world – My Comments
o Just as I predicted: Jews & Communists at work: Virginia: Gun Control Frenzy With 9 More Bills – My comments
o The US Wants to Intimidate China with Hypersonics, Once It Solves the Physics – My Comments
o Pentagon Seeks a Way to Shoot Down Putin’s ‘Invincible’ Hypersonic Missiles – My Comments
o Russia is building new nukes: Trump will seek 20% budget boost for nukes – My Comments
o Iran’s counter strike: 50 US Soldiers Wounded in Iranian Missile Attack Jan. 8 – My Comments
o Israeli Jewish shit bag says: Its time to FIGHT anti-Semitism (aka the Truth) … 46 World Leaders in Israel
o Symbolism of the Wolf in Bulgarian myths
o How Many White People Are There In The World? … the answer may surprise you…
o Panspermia: Physicists: Ancient life might have escaped Earth and journeyed to alien stars – My Comments
o Holohoax: Where do all the Jewish shoes in the holocaust museums really come from?
o Total White Population in the world now … We’re 10% of the World Population – My Comments
o Jan – No Internet Connection, No Landline: Blacks with trucks steal copper telephone cables!
o UTTERLY BRILLIANT: The Jewish Holocaust Quiz
o The best quote EVER about the importance of studying History…
o Chemtrails: You Were Told It Was A Conspiracy Theory: Congress Now Funding Controversial Geoengineering Plan To Spray Particles In Sky – My Thoughts on Chemtrail secrecy
o Quote from the evil Jew Henry Kissinger on World Government
o South Africa: Raw Sewage in the streets & potholes…
o DIVERSITY is AWESOME in the UK: Machete attacker flees with blood everywhere after fatal stabbing
o Attention: Mark Graff – Please clear out your email
o Jews preparing future left-wing antifa terrorists & murderers – Synagogue’s huge fund raiser for antifa thug
o Are Jewish scum deliber ately trying to destroy German scientific advance?
o An Excellent German truth-telling website – weird aircraft crashes
o Pic: Very Funny Joke doing the rounds in S.Africa … there is no life on Mars, because…
o British supporter of mine left (((England))) to live in a White country – Spain – Her note…
o British scientists may have discovered a cure for cancer — by accident
o Jews at work: Yale Cancels Prestigious Art History Course For Being Too White – My Comments
o Mother Nature is about to try killing Blacks again& #8230;
o EXCELLENT EXCELLENT: Have we reached peak (Jewish) globalisation? – My Comments
o A Jewish Rothschild scumbag is trying to disarm Whites – He’s on Twitter
o Europe is stabilising West Africa: France to ask US Troops to remain – My Comments
o Blocking Trump’s War powerers: Iran war vote and top-secret brief scheduled in Congress, despite impeachment
o A new non-white Super Power: Indian Navy Plans to Build Six Nuke-Powe red Submarines – My Comments
o NEVER TRUST A JEW: Israel officially allows citizens to visit Saudi Arabia – My comments
o USA: Impeachment: Adam Schiff’s Avalanche of Accolades – My Comments
o Taliban Ponders Cease-fire With US, Continues Deadly Attacks on Afghan Forces
o Discussion: Anti-Russian sentiments in Poland & Eastern Europe … Soviet Union = Jewish Communist era
o Hear Paul Fromm & Kenn Gividen on “the Ethnostate”: Transman & Other Weirdness
o The Jew who stopped White Scientists from finding Cancer cures in the USA
o The Jews of Britain thrust their stupid Holocaust on 60+ million British! – INSANE!

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The slaughter continues: The perils of being white in South Africa - Link