September 25, 2018

Hi Pastor Dan,

Hope you’re keeping well.

This video is difficult to watch.

My Aunt and Uncle where attacked many years ago on their farm and he was stabbed multiple times but fortunately survived.

My Mother and Father in law where attacked in their house in a suburb in Johannesburg a few years ago. They where tied up and roughed up but fortunately not badly injured.

My cousins twenty one year old son was shot and killed in a hijacking - he’d just bought his car a few days before.

These are just some examples of the crime that has struck our small family.

It’s grinds at you daily and becomes more difficult to deal with. Some of us can’t leave - I have an elderly Mom in frail care and I am her only child. There is no way I could leave her here alone with the savages.

It’s very difficult and becoming almost unbearable.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Take care