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JEWISH HATRED: Yet another German is going to jail. A 96 year old German is going to jail simply because he was the book keeper at Auschwitz. He will probably die in jail due to his age. Just a few weeks back an 85 year old German woman, Ursula Haverbeck got a 6 year jail sentence for daring to ASK THE QUESTION about whether the Holocaust is real! I was reading that something like 117,000+ Germans have been prosecuted for "hate crimes" as deemed by the Jews!

Did you know that Churchill, De Gaulle & Eisenhower all wrote big, detailed books about WW2? Not one of them EVER mentioned Jews being killed in gas chambers! The gas chamber story is an enormous lie the Jews concocted after WW2. Apparently starting in 2008 the Jews have been working on an even bigger, new set of lies about this so-called Holocaust! The Jews have been scamming Germany since WW2 over this. Jews don't just lie once. They continue lying and they invent newer and more complex lies. THE LYING NEVER STOPS!

But Jews and Hollywood NEVER mention the Jewish communist holocaust of 66 million Christians in Russia!

We White people are a Solar people. We've always worshipped the Sun - yes, the Sun in the sky. We whites survived 20,000 years of Ice Age. Surviving in extreme cold has always been our specialty. The Sun and seasons are important to us. When Christianity came along 1,700 years ago, our traditions were merged with Christianity. I'd say about 90% of what you think of as "Christmas" is actually PAGAN. e.g. giving gifts; decorating your house, eating and celebrating, etc. None of the early Christians ever celebrated Jesus's birthday. This is why Christians in the USA & UK actually had Christmas BANNED because they knew it was a Pagan holiday!

o Don't miss the short article on how the blood maddened Jews slaughtered 66 million Christians in Russia. The real name for this holocaust that you've never heard of because of the Jewish involvement in it - is the Holodomor. The expert on the Holodomor is Mike Walsh. It’s a topic I'll get back to.
o A NEW Video is one I did with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (He's British & he wrote the book: The Synagogue of Satan). If you're a Christian it’s a must-read.
o Don't miss my article on the shocking wealth of Robert Mugabe. He's worth over US$1 billion. The Presidents & senior ANC people in South Africa actually have much more wealth than whites realize. All these blacks are rolling in BIG MONEY, but I think Mugabe has the most. Also, NOTHING is going to happen to him. He & his family are going to live a fantastic life. To me its a despicable outcome.
o Don't miss Dennis Wise's discovery of yet another Jewish lie about Auschwitz. There are so many incredible lies about it, but Dennis zeroes in on a fake claim that 20,000 Jews were shot at a certain wall!
o The video: How America built UFOs is really about military secrecy. If you want to know how the world actually works, then watch it. When I was young I worked at Naval HQ in Pretoria. I carried Secret & Top Secret files around. One day out of sheer curiosity I decided to open 3 Top Secret files to read what was inside. The military are far better at keeping secrets than you can imagine.
o The article about White Uprising and Boers standing up - comes from something I saw on Alex Linder's VNN Forum. I am delighted to see Boere learning from Alex.
o I was surprised to discover that Christians banned Xmas in the USA for 260 years and in Britain for 12 Years! It’s a fascinating story.
o Learn about White history and how Jews, Blacks and Christians (yes, Christians) stole all the trappings of an old Pagan holiday and turned it into Christmas! Most everything you know about Christmas comes from Northern Europe and Vikings! Christmas is at the Winter Solstice!
o Xmas in Zimbabwe is really the untold story of why Mugabe went after the farmers in Zimbabwe. The same will happen in South Africa. The game is the same.
o The Xmas I kicked the Jews out is about 2012, when I finally realized the threat that Jews pose to all whites and that its VERY REAL.

o Christmas was BANNED in the USA for 260 years by White Christian Protestants because it was too PAGAN! -
o The Christians (& Jews?) who HATED Christmas: When Britain banned Christmas - Cromwell, the Puritans and the Jews -
o Pic: Meme: Holocaust: Holohoax: The NEW Jewish definition of an Anti-Semite! -
o Pic Another Jewish lie (of so MANY) about the Holocaust at Auschwitz: Invisible Bullets or Bulletproof Brick Wall? -
o Jewish HATE at work: Germany: Auschwitz book keeper aged 96 must go to jail now! -
o 9 Pics: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Blood maddened Jews slaughtered 66 million Christians - but you weren't told about it! -

o Video: How America built UFOs -
o Video: WW2: The Last Sentence in Hitler's Will -
o Video: Blacks eat rats for Xmas: Zimbabwe 2006 -
o Video: Xmas in Zimbabwe -
o Video: SA: The Growing White Resistance Movement - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Jan -
o Video: How Jews, Blacks & Christians stole Christmas from Northern Europeans & Vikings -
o Video: The Xmas I kicked the Jews out -

o 4 Fotos: 4 Photos: IMPORTANT: Meme: WHITE UPRISING! Staan op Boere! Stand up Boers! Now is the time! - 100% Boere Meisie!! - 100% Boer Girl!! -
o Incredible Wealth: Zimbabwe: Communist Robert Mugabe is worth US$1 billion! Yes, R13+ billion! -
o S.Africa: Rich Black Communist: Whites have owned economy for too long - It must end - Ramaphosa -

o Video: Blacks eat rats for Xmas: Zimbabwe 2006 -
o Video: Xmas in Zimbabwe -
o Video: SA: The Growing White Resistance Movement - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Jan -

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