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Letter from Jan (Yan) - 01.26.2022

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o Video: Famous Brit: Jimmy Savile – Meet The Psychopaths – sexual deviant and possible necrophiliac –

o Video: 30 questions VAXXERS Hope you Won’t Ask…
o Video: Billionaires Abandon China As The Crash Begins…
o Video: Dr Sucharit Bhakdi: Organs Of Dead Vaccinated Proves Auto Immune Attack – 22/12/2021
o Video: The Greatest Jewish Criminal: Bernie Madoff: The Jew who stole $65 billion! – My Comments
o Video: Dementia Joe Actually Tells Reporters He Has To Leave Before They Ask About RUSSIA

o Biden ‘Actively Preventing Distribution of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments’ in U.S, Florida Surgeon General

o Vaccinated Women Are Now Lying About Their Vax Status As More Men See Them As Infertility Risk
o EXCELLENT: College won’t rehire White female instructor who said she is sick of talking about Black Lives
     Matter – My Comments

o Every Fake Covid headline is a new CRISIS even when it’s NOT a CRISIS!
o Meme: Rhodesia: Prime Minister Ian Smith’s prediction about Blacks running a country…
o Tiny White Lithuania Stands Up to Super Power China !
o FUNNY HISTORY: Who is the true representative of God? The Mongol Khan or the Pope?
o Venice: Mass Jewish Slavery of Whites from Eastern Europe to Muslims – Whites castrated, White sex slaves
     and warriors

o Russia’s northernmost, Whitest city – founded by Vikings: Veliky Novgorod – also Jewish Khazars
o Racial Humor: A White man goes to Church in Chicago…
o VERY IMPORTANT: How many security guards vs police officers there are in South Africa – and why things
     are changing – My Comments

o Hijackings on the rise in South Africa – here are the hotspot areas
o EXCELLENTL Yikes: 66% of Independents Now Disapprove of Biden
o Jewish Control of America: Who Controls the Justice Department?
o How the Jewish pedophile Epstein protected Bill Clinton’s reputation on Orgy Island – My Comments
o Os Retornados – The strange Carnation (Communist) revolution that broke Portuguese power in Africa
o WW2: NAZIS: Dr Josef Mengele: Creation of a Myth (Jewish Lie) – My Comments
o Hitler was NOT Jewish: Adolf Hitler was not a Controlled Agent. He was not a Rothschild – My Comments
o Cartoon: Who really rules the world? Is it Lizard people?
o Meme: Humor: CNN’s Death … head stone…
o IMPORTANT CANADIAN PETITION: HELP! – FREEDOM CONVOY 2022: One last chance to beat Trudeau
     and end the Covid mandates

o Italian Nurses FAKED COVID Vaccinations to help people … now arrested by Police – My Comments
o KWANZAA: A Fake Black Holiday, brought to you by the FBI….
o Israeli siege causes vital medicines to run out in Gaza
o Jewish Garbage as US Diplomats: Blinken Vs China and Russia – My Comments
o WHITES WILL CHANGE: FANTASTIC NEWS: USA: Nobody believes the MSM – It’s like the Soviet Union
o The White Race’s Morality and why we lose racial wars
o S.Africa: 20% of White Farmers are paid Government Spies
o WTF? S.Africa: Black Junk: Drunk Black Adults abduct 162 pupils at night from North West school in five
     bakkie (pickup truck) loads – My Comments

o S.Africa: Gunmen chase down victim, shoot him four times at shopping centre
o Crime data shows South Africa’s murder rate on the rise
o The Great White BACKLASH is coming…
o Jews = Emotion Vs Whites = Logic, Reason, IQ, Mathematics

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The slaughter continues: The perils of being white in South Africa - Link