The Red

In the famous words of Martina McBride: “This one’s for the girls”!!! 1

I have known Pastor Dan for about two decades. With the growth of his ministry, I approached him about the lack of space for discussions pertaining to the sisters within our sphere. Consequently (and being a writer), I was honored by Pastor Dan with the task of providing that space. The tone of this page is a bit different than the rest of the pages within BYD’s site. The Red will allow for the ladies to have a voice on historical and current events, relationships, marriage, families and children, health and wellness, and whatever else concerns us as women.

You see, here we are…it’s 2021 and the world is on FIRE! The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, political upset is rampant, and the world appears to be approaching the Zombie apocalypse!!! Sisters, we need to discuss things, don’t you think? However, in authoring this page, I encourage a bit of fun and humor in such discussions and hope that you will find some relief from the horrors of the world by using such means.

Since this page is dedicated to the woman’s voice, the gentle-lads that wish to read and participate will have to understand that the ladies will tongue-wag and vent, as we are known to do. This is a fair-warning to the guys; so, when your women-folk sound loud and possibly obnoxious, like they have consumed a glass (or maybe a bottle) of wine, it is because this page is our virtual “girls’ night out” gathering!

Ladies…in knowing Pastor Dan as long as I have, I can tell you that he is an honorable, inherently wise, and an astute leader. Furthermore, Pastor Dan and I share similar life experiences in how we were raised. However, he and I have many differing opinions and disagree on some ideas and philosophies. Yet, we do seem to come out of conversations with more open-minded perspectives on matters, even if such matters are still differing in each other’s hearts. However, I do trust him to be the true captain in the cause. He will keep the compass steady and the path upright and pure.

So…why “THE RED”??? Contextually, it is a two-fold approach.

Dear reader (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that), allow me to elaborate…

Years ago, I read Anita Diamant’s novel “The Red Tent”. 2 The inspiration of this novel’s rhetorical representation came to mind when Pastor Dan and I collaborated on ideas for this page’s intended audience. Naturally, a short summary of Diamant’s novel is necessary. “Diamant links the passions of the early Israelites…while the red tent of her title (where women retreat for menstruation and childbirth) becomes the resonant symbol of womanly strength, love, and wisdom.” 3

Sisters…we bleed during our monthly courses and childbirth (which actually feels like death, but we won’t go there right now)??? And our blood is the color RED.

This symbolic literary element is the first approach as to why this page is called THE RED.

The second approach is what the color red represents…

“Symbolically, the color red is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure…Dark red is associated with rage, anger, and wrath.” 4

Therefore, sisters can have a safe place to emit such fiery emotions like RAGE, ANGER, and WRATH (think Chevelle’s song “The Red”),5 as they come to this page and discuss current events and matters of the heart amongst other women-folk within our own red tent. As the largest sorority of the world, we may not all agree on the opinions each of us present. But just as Pastor Dan and I also converse, we can come away from the addressed topics better informed by each of us sharing our stories, experiences, and knowledge and be able to better cope with the things we cannot change or make the correct changes within ourselves that we want to also see in the world.

I must request that this page continue to be the safe place for all of our differences to be heard. Therefore, I have one rule: respect the response or question presented by each sister who gifts us in sharing.

Acknowledge that each of us ladies come from different backgrounds and life-experiences, as well as acquired knowledge and education. Do feel free to voice any disagreeing opinion or contradictory fact, but do so in the counsel of women that honor each other’s differences. Share ideas on topics you wish to address. Take the initiative to educate the rest of us sisters and help us change this world back to the true and original plan of Yahweh!

Yahweh Bless you!!!



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Jacquelin's Biography

Orphaned at the age of eight, I was raised as a ward of the state, living the majority of my childhood in an orphanage/children’s home run by the Apostolic Christian Church. ( &  Here, I learned about living within an agricultural community and working for the common good of others, where I acquired knowledge and experience in husbandry, specifically with horses. After aging out, I went to college on a cross-country running scholarship and studied English and Education. My graduate work included Statistical Analytics in Psychology, Holocaust Studies, and Biblical History and Literature.

The modern “day of infamy”, 9/11, occurred during this period of my life, and I joined the cause by enlisting in an eight-year stint with the USN, where I collaborated with Fleet Hospital to mission-ready fellow USN & USMC service members for mobilization in assigned theaters.