Actually the Liberty was an electronic surveillance ship in the area for the most part monitoring soviet radio traffic. ( I spent 3 years in Germany Libya and on the Black Sea in Turkey doing the same thing.)

Israel was concerned that they had also monitored and recorded the radio traffic of Israel in their battle against the Egyptians, the so called 6 days war, and know that there was much they didn’t want made public! From the instant that the Israeli F-4’s took off they knew their mission and there was never any doubt because that traffic was also recorded by the Liberty as well as some of the USAF installations in Turkey. The “investigation” was a farce because Admiral McCain – the father of the Senator McCain – was somehow compromised in the investigation and passed it off as an “accident” in complete contradiction to all the evidence!

Another reason I can’t wait for Obadiah verse 18!

wtb (William Boyd)

USS Liberty

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In my January 11 column I also said this:

If you don’t believe there is an ongoing national cover-up to protect Zionist Israel, consider this case history:

A foreign naval vessel is lumbering in international waters. It is flying a brand new 8’x 5’ flag, which unmistakably identifies it as a major ally of the country whose coastline is nearest the ship. The ship’s markings are ten feet high on both sides. It is not a warship. It is an intelligence-gathering ship. For all intents and purposes, it is defenseless against any warship or attack aircraft, having but four .50-calibre Browning machine guns without shrapnel shields as its only offensive weapons. On board are 286 souls.

Suddenly, and without provocation, the supposed “ally” nation attacks the ship with both warplanes (which were unmarked) and torpedo boats. For over an hour, the helpless ship is riddled with machine-gun fire, rockets, and torpedoes. Within moments, the ship is completely disabled. As it seems certain that the ship will sink, lifeboats are lowered, but the attacking torpedo boats immediately strafe the lifeboats with gunfire. Helicopters from the aggressive country carrying Special Forces troops hover over the ship, which is now listing at nine degrees. Clearly, the attacking country intends that no one survive.

The ship has no engines, no rudder, and no power. As the Special Forces soldiers from the attacking country are being positioned to launch their final assault, the ship’s Captain barks, “Standby to repel boarders.” One sailor yells, “They’ve come to finish us off.”

The only thing that saves that ship and those survivors that day is eight warplanes from a nearby aircraft carrier that had heard the initial “Mayday” cry from the ship. This caused the attacking country to withdraw. As it was, 34 of the ship’s officers and crew are killed and only a divine miracle and superhuman Herculean effort from the sailors in the bowels of that steel graveyard keeps that ship afloat. When the attack first began, one general from the attacking country protested to his commanding officer, saying, “This is pure murder.”

But what the country whose ship was attacked and whose men were killed did is most curious. It did NOTHING. In fact, the government of that country immediately declared that the attack had been a “mistake” and then proceeded to completely cover up what had happened. And to this day, the citizens of that country know almost nothing about what took place on that fateful day.

The attacking country in the above case was Israel. The country attacked was the United States. The date was June 8, 1967. And the name of the ship was the USS Liberty.

Can one imagine what U.S. reaction would have been had the USS Liberty been attacked by an Arab nation? Can you imagine how pastors and Christians would have reacted had the attacking country been Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.? But since the attacking country was Israel, hardly anyone in the United States even knows (or cares) about it.

Tomorrow (June 8) is the 51st anniversary of Israel’s merciless and unprovoked attack against our country in which 34 U.S. Sailors and Marines were killed and 176 wounded. And as I said, almost no one in America knows anything about it.

The attack on the USS Liberty joins the assassinations of President John Kennedy and U. S. Senator Robert Kennedy, the shoot-down of TWA flight 800, the capture of the USS Pueblo, the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 and the 9/11 attacks as one of the most covered up atrocities in U.S. history.

The Zionist influence in Washington, D.C., and especially in the Trump White House is extensive. If the American people truly understood the degree in which a foreign government (Israel) influences (legally and illegally) Congress and the White House (not to mention Wall Street and the Federal Reserve), they would truly throw all of the “bums” out. As it is, Donald Trump is counting on the fact that Robert Mueller is just as compromised by the Israeli lobby as any other politician in Washington, D.C. And he doubtless is.

So, the conservative Trump toadies and the Christian Israel worshippers can probably relax. Nothing is going to come of the Mueller investigation, and the Trump and Israel conspiracy will remain intact.

P.S. I am helping the survivors of the Israeli attack against the USS Liberty distribute the tell-all book they wrote that chronicles the true story of what happened on that fateful day of June 8, 1967. One of these Liberty survivors, Ron Kukal, is a co-author of the book and has become a good friend of mine. I am pleased to help Ron and his shipmates get the word out about their fantastic tell-all book Remember The LIBERTY! I urge readers to get as many copies of this book as they can to pass out to their friends and loved ones.

To show you the depth of this 50-year cover-up of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, even the American Legion has denied Liberty survivors a booth at their 2018 national convention. Can you believe that? - Link

And since it would be too much to expect America’s pastors to educate their church congregations about Israel’s horrific attack, due to their strong bias in favor of Israel, you will need to obtain the information and distribute that information to your friends, loved ones and fellow church members yourself.

Find the explosive eyewitness true story of the USS Liberty here: Remember The LIBERTY! - Link

© Chuck Baldwin