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Psalm 64:2 - 'Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked; from the violence of the workers of iniquity.' 

Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon that is formed against you will prevail; and you will condemn every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of Yahweh’s servants, and their righteousness is of me,” says Yahweh.

Psalm 105:14 He allowed no one to do them wrong. Yes, he reproved kings for their sakes, 15 “Don’t touch my anointed ones! Do my prophets no harm!”

"Your Real Enemy" .... is always close by.

“[I]t isn’t Moscow that takes one-third of my annual income as taxes paid to Caesar.  No, that would be Washington, DC.  It isn’t the FSB (KGB) that spies on my household and tracks all of my web communications.  No, that’s the NSA.  It isn’t the Supreme Court of Russia that tells me that you cannot have a cross on the White House lawn (while a menorah is A-OK), or that my children must be bused across town to achieve some kind of racial balance, or that a bakery must make a cake for a gay ‘wedding’.

“No, that’s our own homegrown ‘justices’.  It isn’t the Russian State Duma that has devastated the entire economic and social strata of our society through the implementation of open borders immigration policies, H1B visas, and free trade ideology.  No, that would be our US Congress.  It isn’t the Russian Ministry of Finance that has devalued the dollar by 96% since its inception.  No, that’s our Federal Reserve Board.”

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Older News Items

Big Pharma is after Your Children & the Dystopia Future of Medicine! - 12/18 - 17:36

Inside Auschwitz: You've never seen THIS before!

Freeman Legal Services

The Strange Death Of Europe: Loss Of Identity With Country And Culture - Frosty Wooldridge

"The Jewish Hand In The World Wars" - Thomas Dalton - June 2013 - Part 1    Part 2

Revelation 3:9 - A Call For An Uprising

Robert David Steele - Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, Zionist Info War - Sarah Westall Channel

Invasion By Stealth - How America Has Been Occupied Without Firing A Shot

Neo-Con Traitors, Trumpian Deception, And The Israeli Agenda - Patrick McShay

Robert Steele (former CIA) - Las Vegas Was A Zio-Con Operation , MSM Is Complicit & How Trump Should Respond

We Live In A Completely Fake World - great short video 6 min.

Proof: Media & Law Enforcement Are Lying About the Vegas Shooting #1

Proof: Media & Law Enforcement Are Lying About the Vegas Shooting #2

First Iceland, now Vietnam, show us how to deal with corrupt bankers.

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars - former CIA officer reveals

Jew Michael Moore Can't Wait For Whites To Be A Minority in the USA

CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

Stop LYING to yourself: The Left wants you DEAD!

Teaching Corrupt Politicians To Fear The Consequence Of Violating Law

Mossad Caucus Exposed

How and Why WWI Was Planned and Prolonged - Veterans Today

Satan's Resurrection - Veterans Today

Vladimir The Great Sums Up Pope Francis The Fake!

This Is What Happens When You Mess With Big Pharma!

The Nature of Reality & The 5G Beast System - Max Igan

5G Wireless Radiation Dangers

The Germans Are Waking Up

Christian Pansies More Dangerous than Liberal Snowflakes

Dixie - Tribute to my Southern Brothers

Make America Great Again Or Is The Party Over

Jeff Rense & Frosty Wooldridge - The End Of America And The White Race

Jeff Rense & Blake Sawyer - Zionist Power In America & The World

The Great Heroin Coup

Diversity is Leading to Western Collapse

Mind Games: Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the Best Kept Secret in America

14 Facts That Show America's System of Public Education Deserves an 'F' Grade

How the Vatican Created Islam Part 1

How the Vatican Created Islam Part 2

The Creation of the Prophet Muhammad

CNN Is Run By Jews From The Top Down

German Police Arrest ‘High Level Politicians’ In Major Pedophile Ring Bust

Three guesses (((who))) is behind this deliberate policy of white genocide?

Adamic Amethyst - Historical Sources Prove That Jews Are Imposters!

Crises-R-Us (humorous, but true… good one!)

Adamic Amethyst - 9,000 Year Old Caucasoid Mummy Found

King Tut's DNA Results

PEDOGATE: American Heroes To The Rescue -- Craig Sawyer  (Navy SEAL)

Can we arrest politicians who violate the Constitution?

Children's Book - Santa Gay - Interracial Relationship

Pope Francis and Angela Merkel: Enemies of European Civilization

The 25 Points of National Socialism

Mike Walsh - The Third Word War

Matt Landman - Franken Skies - Full Length Documentary

National Youth Front - A Call to Arms for European Peoples

Daily Stormer - Jewish Lightning: Semitic Slumlord Offers Insight Into String Of Arsons Ravaging San Francisco

Magazine Supports Abortion of White Babies to End White Supremacy

World Wide Culture of Sodomy

How Jews Controlled the New Left of the 1960's

The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati

British Nationalism: A New Dawn

Evelyn Hutcheson (Matt Hale’s mother) Quest for Justice

Talmudic Judaism -- Religion of the Anti-Christ

Feast Day Series - Feast of Tabernacles

These links will take you to a presentation on each Feast Day and also on the Sabbath. I thought our people need to hear this information so we may get closer to Yahweh. - Brother Hebert

High Sabbath - Sept. 15 - First Day of Unleaven Bread - Interim Feast Days - 16th though 21st 

Feast Day Series

Sabbath - Link

Passover - Link

Feast of Unleaven Bread - Link

Feast Of Weeks - Link

Pentecost - Link (will be finished by Saturday 9/14)

Feast of Trumpets - Link

Day Of Atonement - Link

Feast of Tabernacles - Link

Thanks to Brother Hebert - Link

Ezekiel 22:25-26

25 There is a conspiracy of her prophets in her midst like a roaring lion tearing the prey. They have devoured lives; they have taken treasure and precious things; they have made many widows in the midst of her. 26 Her priests have done violence to My law and have profaned My holy things; they have made no distinction between the holy and the profane, and they have not taught the difference between the unclean and the clean; and they hide their eyes from My sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.

TAKEN FROM THE WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS; 1948 published by New York World-Telegram

Number of Jews in entire world in 1933 … 15,315,359

Number of Jews in entire world in 1948 … 15,753,638

“In all of German-Occupied Europe there were 2.4 million Jews. After the war, 3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.” – Edgar J. Steele


Please be sure to check in to the Daily Mail page from time to time as I post all day long. Also, I am having a lot of trouble with both Gmail and Yahoo. They are blocking bulk mail, and now they are even saying that people are 'disabling' their email accounts in order to stop the truth getting out.

November 22, 2019 - Hot News

The World Is Being Run By Children - Brittany Sellner - Link

Survival Items Lewis and Clark Had with Them on Their Two-Year Journey - Link

56 (58) of the U S congress critters are DUAL citizens (Israel)

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. - Henry David Thoreau

Nation: A people who share common customs, origins, race, history, and frequently language; a nationality - a people having the same ethnic ancestry, history, and culture, often speaking the same language.

nation (n.) - etymology
c. 1300, nacioun, "a race of people, large group of people with common ancestry and language," from Old French nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe," literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

"Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it." - Thomas Jefferson

The Presidential Election is a Farce - Constitution Club - Link

Attacking God in your “Darkest Hour” - Jim Stockstill - Link

The Nine Noble Virtues - Link

SHTF - Ghett Out or Ghett Capped - The Prepared Mind - Link

Tribute to Texe Marrs

Texe Marrs passed to his heavenly home Saturday evening, November 23, to be with his Saviour whom he loves with all his heart. Texe had been physically failing for some time with a combination of heart, kidney and lymphedema issues. He would be down for a time, bounce back for a bit, and then relapse, each time recovering less and less.

Wanda started calling the family together. A week ago, last Saturday, he asked Wanda and his sister to take him to the hospital and he never recovered. His wife Wanda and many of the grandchildren were by his side when he passed.

Services with full military honors will be held at 1pm Wednesday, November 27, 2019, at Cook Walden Mortuary.

Texe W. Marrs (born 1944 - died November 23, 2019) was an American writer and radio host, who ran two fundamentalist Christian ministries, Power of Prophecy Ministries and Bible Home Church, both based in Austin, Texas. His teachings include end times conspiracy theory with heavy elements of antisemitism, anti-Catholicism, Illuminati and Freemasonry conspiracy theory.

He was previously an officer in the United States Air Force and a faculty member at the University of Texas.

Marrs has received coverage from the news media for his claims that:

  • The Oklahoma City bombing was planned and carried out by the American government.
  • Judaism is the most evil satanic cult that ever existed and Jews are conspiring to overtake the whole world through deceit and cultic worship.
  • The terrorist Timothy McVeigh was framed.
  • Hillary Clinton is a doctrinaire Marxist who has recruited other America-hating subversives for key administration posts.
  • "Newt Gingrich is a closet Marxist and member of the occultic secret society known as the Bohemian Grove."
  • "Bill Clinton is an establishment hack, a member of the traitorous Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and Council of Foreign Relations. He and Hillary are deep into Egyptian occultism and Masonic magic."
  • "Robert Dole is a 33rd degree Mason and a fake conservative. He's anti-Jesus Christ."
  • Bill Martin's plans for a Christian naturist resort is evidence that Satan is subverting Christianity.
  • Described as the "conspiracy theorist to end all conspiracy theorists" for his book Codex Magica: Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati, which purports to expose a secret conspiracy between politicians and other famous people through modern history.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton has Orwellian political ambitions.
  • In his book, The Usual Suspects: Answering Anti-Catholic Fundamentalists, Karl Keating debunks Marrs's claim that the Pope plans to head a one-world order.

Some of his books:

A Perfect Name for Your Pet, Texe and Wanda Marrs, Heian, San Francisco, 1983. ISBN 0893462217
You and the Armed Forces, ARCO, 1983. ISBN 0668056851
Careers in Computers: The High-Tech Job Guide, Monarch Press, 1984. ISBN 0671502212
How to Prepare for the Armed Forces Test – ASVAB, Barrons, 1984.
Careers in High Technology, Irwin Professional Publications, 1985.
High Tech Job Finder, Texe and Wanda Marrs, John Wiley & Sons, 1985.
The Great Robot Book, Texe and Wanda Marrs, Julin Messenger, 1985.
The Personal Robot Book, Robotic Industries Association, 1985. ISBN 0830618961
High Technology Careers, Dow Jones & Irwin, 1986.
Preparation for the Armed Forces Test, MacMillan, 1986.
The Woman's Guide to Military Service, Texe Marrs and Karen Read, Liberty Publishing Company, 1987.
Rush to Armageddon, Tynsdale, 1987. ISBN 978-0842357968
Dark Secrets of the New Age, Crossway Books, 1987. ISBN 978-0966742145
Mystery Mark of the New Age, Crossway Books, 1988. ISBN 9780891074793
Futuristic Careers: Jobs Today in the 21st Century Fields, Scott Foresman & Co, 1988.
Careers with Robots, Facts On File, 1988.
Ravaged By The New Age, Living Truth Publishers, 1989
Big Sister Is Watching You, Living Truth Publishers, 1993. ISBN 9780962008696
Project L.U.C.I.D.: The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System, Living Truth Publishers, 1996. ISBN 1-884302-02-5
Codex Magica, RiverCrest Publishing, 2005. ISBN 9781930004047
Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star: Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the Jews, Zionism,
     and the Rothschilds, RiverCrest Publishing, 2011. ISBN 978-1930004573
Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis' Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion, RiverCrest Publishing, 2016. ISBN 978-1930004986
Die America Die—The Illuminati Plan to Murder America, Confiscate Its Wealth, and Make Red China Leader of the
     New World Order (video), RiverCrest Publishing.
Rothschild’s Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America (video), RiverCrest Publishing.
Architectural Colossus: Mysterious Monuments of the Illuminati Enshroud the World With Magic and Seduction (video),
     RiverCrest Publishing. ISBN 978-1930004467
Where the Rich and Famous Dwell: Architectural Secrets of the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the
     Astors, and Other Storied Bloodlines and Dynasties (video), RiverCrest Publishing.

November 25, 2019 - Hot News

The World Is Being Run By Children - Brittany Sellner - Link

MUST SEE!!! - Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching - TruNews - Link

Suffering as a Christian / Believer—Why Is It Part of God’s Plan for Us? - Wayneman - Link

The #1 Job of Government // How to Design It So THE RIGHT Has All the Power - John Mark - Link

SPLC Labels Latin Rite Catholics the "Largest Anti-Semitic Hate Group in America" - Link

Antifa attempts to block an SUV! - short video - Link

Mockingbird Ukraine Spin Masters plus Censor - Amazing Polly - Link

Rise Up - the crow house - Max Igan - Link

The Enigma of Hitler - Leon Degrelle - Link

Rebel Zach Vorhies Exposes Google Empire Agenda [Part 2/3] - Edge of Wonder - Link

9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal - Link

December 02, 2019 - Hot News

"We can forgive a child for being afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of this world is when men are afraid of the light. - Plato

"We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in." - Thomas Paine

PG&E Smart Meters Pulse Harmful RF 10K-190K Times Daily with Peak Power 2.5X What’s Stated in Safety Data - Link

California Plans FORCED Internment And Asset Seizure To Solve Homeless Crisis - Link

All Eyes Are On You! The Five Eyes Surveillance Network and the #1vs5i Campaign - Link

Thinking BEYOND the Gun: The Life-Saving Importance of Improvised Weapons - Link

Why Home Cooked Meals Are A MUST For Your Family’s Physical & Mental Health - Link

As Heroes Like Assange Rot in Prison, Trump is Pardoning War Criminals Left and Right - Link

Racial Ecologism: An Environmental Position Paper for the Dissident Right - Nelson Rosit TOO - Link

Recent Books:

  • White Girl Bleed A Lot - by Colin Flaherty
  • American Warrior In Crisis: Tales of a Political Psychologist - by Steve Pieczenik MD, PhD
  • Op Center: Games of State - by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik PhD - PDF available

December 03, 2019 - Hot News

World’s First Human Composting Facility is Coming to Seattle in 2021 - Link

The Jews just murdered best selling author Jennifer Jaynes for speaking up against vaccines in her new best selling book "Malice", this is huge folks! BREAKING NEWS | Jennifer Jaynes Dead | 2 Gunshots To Head | Death Ruled Suicide - Link

Displacing the Phony Right: Review of James Kirkpatrick’s “Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right” - by F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D. - Link

South Carolina Legal Tender Act Would Treat Gold & Silver As Money | Zero Hedge - Link

Florida Gulf Skywatch: E.L. Rothschild Recently Bought theWeather Channel - Link

America collapses into a pharma state, run by "legal" drug cartels - Link

The Roosevelt Legacy and The Kent Case - IHR - Link

Iran discovered that over 100 violent protesters were "pay for play" -  Most likely, 8 CIA agents recruited 12 - 15 people each and had them stage this, all were foreigners. - Link

Hang The Bankers - Link

'Tis the Season' by Kevin MacDonald - Link

"A nation of well informed men and women, who have been taught to know and prize the rights that GOD has given them, cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins." - Benjamin Franklin

"To defeat your enemies, you must convince them (psychologically) that they have already lost." - Sun Tzu "the art of war"

"You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators."
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  - NEVER SURRENDER YOUR FIREARMS!

Lovely Boer Woman on the run from the South African Police for Terrorism plot: Riana Heyns - Link

GTFO -- Exodus, it begins - The Prepared Mind - Link

Allan Brownfeld - The ACJ and battles over Zionism inside Jewish social welfare organizations - Link

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. Where, say some, is the king of America? I'll tell you, friend, He reigns above." - Thomas Paine

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish." - Euripides

The U.S. Government Has Been Run as a Criminal Enterprise: Financial Fraud, Criminal Cash Flows - Link

December 04, 2019 - Hot News

Bye Bye Kamala - Mark Dice - Link

Book - "The Liberal Media Industrial Complex" - by Mark Dice

Coach Dave LIVE | 12.4.2019 - Stop being Jew worshipers!  - Link

Books by Frederick Haberman:

  • The message of the Great Pyramid to the Anglo-Saxons,: Isaac's sons (1928)
  • The great pyramid's message to America (1932)
  • The Seven Times of Prophecy and the Seventy Weeks of Daniel including the Numbers and Cycles of Chronology and Scripture (1933)
  • Tracing Our Ancestors: Were They Descendants of Apes or of Adam (1934)
  • Armageddon has come: The climax of the ages is near (1941)
  • America's appointed destiny: As outlined by the Scriptures and the great seal of our nation (1942)
  • Tracing our white ancestors (1962, 1979 reprint of "Tracing Our Ancestors")

Jews, White Guilt, and the Death of the Church of England - by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. - Link

The ‘Vaccine Court’ Is Hazardous To Your Health - Link

The Jew Media Octopus - Link

"Who Controls America" (a bit outdated, but might be useful) - Link

White van snatching young girls off streets of Baltimore - Link

The slaughter continues: The perils of being white in South Africa - Link

December 05, 2019 - Hot News

Coach Dave LIVE | 12.5.2019 - Link

Greg Felton <> wrote:  [ Greg's website: Link ]

British internet Host Richard Hall and his partner Andrew Johnson devote 4 each 34+ minute segments to a thorough analysis of "The Host and the Parasite" -  (Part 4 is a spinoff episode)

YouTube Videos - Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Greg Felton - How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America - audio shows - Link

The Wireless Take Down of America Can It Be Stopped - Link

Michael Snyder – Markets Will Lose 40% to 50% on No China Trade Deal - Greg Hunter - Link

Book - "How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America" - Greg Felton

Book - "Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby Moves America" - Grant F. Smith © 2016 - PDF

Excerpt from the book: “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.” - Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to Jewish West Bank settlers in 2001.

Project Guardian: Another Big Attack on the Constitution and Liberty - Link

Trump May Send Another 14,000 Troops To Middle East To “Deter” Iran - Link

The Masses Are Being Conditioned To Ignore The Economic Bubble - Link

T-Mobile Provides Map of Where They’ve Unleashed 5G — Offers Free Phones (That May Possibly Overheat) to New
Customers - Link

Western France Runs Out Of Gas As “Massive Strikes” Set To Paralyze Entire Nation - Link

Orwellian Blueprint For The West? Chinese Man Gets INTERROGATED For Criticizing Police Online - Link

Baltimore Mayor Warns Of Body “Snatching” White Van Targeting Young Girls To Sell Their Organs - Link

The Circus Has Resumed - Mark Dice - Link

Why Is The National Security Establishment Acting So Insecure? - Lee Stranahan - Link

‘Sorry, but it’s fake…again’: Russian military debunk NYT report on bombing of civilians in Syria - Link

America Is Egypt - Nothing New Under The Sun! A Documentary - William Cooper - SMHP - Link

December 07, 2019 - Hot News

Sill Report - Demoncrats Open Plan To Overthrow America - Link

Soros Funded Marxist Prosecutors Overseeing Murder Spikes - Breakdown of Law and Order - Link

Great Tucker Carlson Commentary On Left-Wing Mega Donors Ruining Cities By Funding Radical D.A.'s - Link

Why a second American Revolution is necessary for the entire world - Link

Flashpoint ahead! The ‘gun control master plan’ & push for the ‘final execution of the US Constitution & Bill of Rights in one fell swoop’ are on display for all to see in Virginia - Link

Smartphone Class Action Lawsuits Consolidated. FCC Accredited Lab Confirms Models Exceed RF Safety Levels Up to 500% - Link

FCC Provides $9 Billion to Telecoms for Rural 5G Rollout Despite 5G Lawsuits, Opposition and Warnings - Link

US Claims “Fresh Intelligence” Of Iran Attacks Yet Provides Zero Evidence — MSM Blindly Regurgitates - Link

Bill Gates Wants to Export India’s National ID System Around the Globe - Link

Scientists Shocked That “Gender Bending” Chemicals In Our Food 44 Times Higher Than Thought - Link

Study Finds Time-Restricted Diets Have Benefits for People at Risk for Diabetes - Link

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America - Link

Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media - Link

Jewish Control of the Media in the United States and therefore around the World - Link

U.S. is #1 in Sex Trafficking – 60% American Child Sex Slaves Come Out of Foster Care - Link

GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA - Link

Rare Miracle Mineral Removes Deadly Toxins and Heavy Metals in Just 30 Seconds A Day - Link

Impeachment Coup: Countdown to Civil War? - TruNews - Link

The Origin of the Saxons - Raymond McNair - Link

The AEI, a Major Neocon Thinktank, Implicated in the Sackler Family’s Opioid Crisis - by Kevin MacDonald - Link

Psy Ops Goes Mainstream - Amazing Polly - Link

None are as hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The Truth has been kept from the depth of their Minds by Masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In Trouble for Telling the Children Truth - Link

Red Pill Sunday School S2 E0 05Dec2019 - Link